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Monnit Wins Industrial IoT and Hardware Manufacturing Awards

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New ALTA-ISX Wireless Sensors Win

Monnit recently received the 2022 Industrial IoT Product of the Year Award by TMC, Crossfire Media, and IoT Evolution World magazine. Monnit won the award for its new intrinsically safe ALTA-ISX Sensors. The award recognizes the systems and solutions delivering on the promise of gathering and capitalizing on data from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

“We’re honored to receive this award from IoT Evolution World,” said Monnit Founder and CEO Brad Walters. “We’re committed to helping protect workers and facilities worldwide. Our ALTA-ISX Sensors safely gather and deliver critical data to keep operations humming so businesses can reap the transformative benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things.”

Monnit provides a growing IECEx-certified ALTA-ISX Wireless Sensors product line to work safely in potentially hazardous industrial environments within explosive atmospheres.

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A Best of State Award Winner for Manufacturing

Monnit was awarded the prestigious 2022 Best of State® Medal for manufacturing excellence with innovative methods and contributions to a better quality of life. The Best of State Award category that Monnit won is Production and Manufacturing: Hardware.

“We’re proud to be honored by Best of State with this celebrated award,” said Walters. “We’re a Utah manufacturer from the start. Our remote monitoring products for every industry are made in Utah and installed at organizations worldwide. It’s a significant milestone for us to be recognized in this way by local business leaders.”

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Tech News

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The New ALTA IoT Gateway Offers Advanced Connectivity Features

On May 5, Monnit will release the ALTA® Wireless IoT Gateway showcasing a 4G LTE CAT-M1/NB2 cellular engine and RJ-45 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet jack connectivity. The ALTA Wireless IoT Gateway is a dual-threat IoT connectivity device as a cellular gateway with Ethernet failover or an Ethernet gateway with cellular failover.

The combined cellular and Ethernet connectivity platform provides the versatility to use the ALTA IoT Gateway in various environments and applications and keep your ALTA Wireless Sensors connected to the Internet. The ALTA IoT Gateway’s Ethernet connectivity allows for local device configuration and diagnostics, while its advanced cellular connectivity is ideal for remote locations where a cellular network is available.

The ALTA IoT Gateway works in tandem with iMonnit cloud-based software to connect and configure ALTA Wireless Sensors and protect, aggregate, and communicate data, so it’s available on-demand anytime, anywhere on a mobile device.

Additional key features of the ALTA IoT Gateway include:

  • Provides the latest Encrypt-RF® data security technology
  • Delivers long-range radio frequency transmission with interference immunity for up to one mile (line-of-sight) and 1,200+ feet through 12+ walls (non-line-of-sight)
  • Provides up to 60 hours of battery backup in the event of a power outage
  • If Internet connectivity is lost, it stores up to 32,000 sensor messages in its memory and sends the saved data to iMonnit once cellular service is restored
  • Integrates easily into IoT applications or use cases with a wireless Internet connection or where IT infrastructure is dedicated to other resources
  • Ships with GPS and GNSS hardware onboard and available as an additional service

Learn more about the ALTA IoT Gateway or call your Monnit Sales Representative.

local alert for sensor notifications

Don’t Miss a Sensor Alarm with the New ALTA Local Alert

The new ALTA Wireless Local Alert will give you three more ways to know when an ALTA Sensor has detected a condition you need to know immediately. You can be instantly alerted when the ALTA Local Alert by a flashing red LED, its speaker’s sound sequence, and a notification on the LCD.

The ALTA Local Alert connects to any ALTA Sensor and network on your account through an ALTA Gateway and iMonnit to display messages and deliver alarms when conditions move away from your preset threshold settings. Like other Monnit devices, the Local Alert’s alarm settings are configurable in iMonnit.

Stay tuned for more information on or contact your Monnit Sales Representative about the new ALTA Local Alert.

New Product Catalog

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Monthly Giveaways

Congratulations to April’s Winners!

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We received entries from Monnit Fans with photos and randomly selected the following Monnit Monthly Giveaways winners for the April contest. They each receive a box of Monnit Swag. Thank you to everyone who participated. Enter May’s contest below for another two chances if you didn’t win.

Photo Entry Winners

  • David Koch, maintenance and security manager, AbE Manufacturing, continuous-process granulation, agglomeration, and encapsulation/coating
  • Kevin Fonck, general manager and fleet manager, TRIO Community Meals, senior nutrition programs and community meals
  • Carlos Alcega, commercial director, Services Camco, critical asset, traffic, and structure monitoring
  • Nima Alibabaei, co-founder and CEO, BKR Energy, cloud-based, smart algorithms and AI to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions
  • Eugene Yeo, director, WinSys Technology, IT and OT system integrator and solution provider

Entry Winners

  • Sergio Fukushima, senior healthcare IT manager, AC&F Consultoria, healthcare IT consulting
  • Nick Levy, co-founder and head of operations, Smart Zebra, smart buildings
  • Mark Evaristo, marketing, GeoTraq, mobile IoT modules
  • Barry Jordan, maintenance planner, BorgWarner, vehicle mobility solutions
  • Tamara Stawicki, assistant professor of neuroscience, LaFayette College, higher education and research

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Tech Tip

Understand How Assessments per Heartbeat Work

May 2022 tech tip

To know how a Monnit Sensor works is to understand how the Aware State, Heartbeats, and Assessments per Heartbeat work. Knowing how each of these features function, why they’re important, and how to configure their settings will help your sensors run in the way you need them to, report data when a specific condition occurs, and help you understand what the data means. This knowledgebase article explains how Assessments per Heartbeat work—and what you’ll see in iMonnit and experience with your sensors when you set them.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What are Assessments per Heartbeat settings
  • An example of configuring Heartbeats and Assessments per Heartbeat
  • How the Aware State Threshold configuration relates
  • How to configure Assessments per Heartbeat in iMonnit

Click here to learn how to configure Assessments per Heartbeat on your Monnit Sensors.

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