The New ALTA Wireless Local Alert Tells You Immediately When Something’s Wrong

ALTA Wireless Local Alert

See a Flashing Light and Hear Alarming Tones When an ALTA Wireless Sensor Sends an Alert

Have you ever had an alert from your Monnit IoT network go unnoticed? Was the email, text, or phone call not read, acknowledged, or taken until it was too late for you or someone on your team to respond? If it was only one time, then that’s one time too many.

If you had a small electronic box installed in a prominent location with a simple alarm tone and blinking light, you could have been alerted in time to prevent a bigger problem. That alarming device could have paid for itself many times compared to the incident you had to deal with that caused lost time and money.

This is what the new Monnit ALTA Wireless Local Alert device can do for you. Strategically placed, the ALTA Local Alert makes it harder to miss a critical alarm or notification from an ALTA Wireless Sensor. In addition to the alerts you get via text, email, or phone call, ALTA Sensors can also send messages to the ALTA Local Alert when conditions move away from your preset threshold settings.

When the ALTA Local Alert gets the sensor message or reading:

  • Its red LED flashes
  • An alarm tone sounds from its speaker
  • The LCD shows the critical message

These alarms can be helpful in most environments where workers or managers can’t have or carry their cell phones. You can easily mount the ALTA Local Alert on a wall, beam, post, or column where you need it virtually anywhere, in nearly any environment.

Think of a factory line worker who sees and hears the ALTA Local Alert and can shut down a malfunctioning machine faster. Or consider a pharmaceutical lab manager monitoring vaccine temperature in a group of ultralow freezers. If one freezer’s temperature rises, they can know right away.

You can quickly acknowledge the alarming light, sound, and message by simply pushing the button on the front of the device. In iMonnit, you can set your ALTA Wireless Sensors to send alerts and readings to the ALTA Local Alert. The unit can be added to the list of devices that can receive sensor messages through an ALTA Gateway. You can also choose what the ALTA Local Alert should do when it gets a message—flash the LED, sound an alarm, display the notification, or only one or any combination of the three alerting methods.

Here’s a list of the primary ALTA Local Alert features:

  • Provides audible and visual alerts when it receives sensor notifications
  • Three alarm types: Flashing red LED, sound, and LCD custom message
  • Alarm settings are configurable in iMonnit
  • Sounds a unique alarm sequence when it receives multiple notifications
  • The LCD shows the device name, custom message or sensor reading, and the notification time
  • Stores up to 10 messages at a time
  • Reports the number of saved notifications and sensor readings to iMonnit
  • Configurable alarm and snooze intervals
  • Configurable Heartbeat and Poll Rate (how often the ALTA Local Alert checks the gateway for messages)
  • Instantly receives notifications from the gateway when using line power and in a sleep state
  • Displays the status bar while using line power
  • Power-saving features are automatically enabled to extend battery life when using its four AA batteries.
  • Screw slots for easy installation on walls

In any area or environment where you need to have an automatic alarm, the ALTA Local Alert is the device to make it happen.

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