local alert for wireless sensor notifications

Wireless Local Alert

Whoop Whoop. Red Alert.

The ALTA Wireless Local Alert provides three ways to notify people about critical changes and sensor readings from your Monnit IoT network. The Local Alert flashes a red LED, sounds an audible alarm, and displays the important message upon receiving a notification. The Local Alert can also display sensor readings from any sensor on the same account.

Get Alerted in the Way You Prefer

Simply add the Local Alert to a network in your iMonnit account, and it will automatically be in the list of devices that can receive messages from a sensor via a gateway.

When setting up notifications to the Local Alert, you can choose what the device should do when it receives a message. Set up a notification to flash the red LED, sound alarming tones, display text on the LCD screen, or any combination of these alerting features.

With the multiple ways the Local Alert can get your attention combined with an email, text, or phone call on your mobile device, it’s difficult to miss what your sensors are trying to tell you.

ALTA Wireless Local Alert
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ALTA Wireless Local Alert

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