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There’s No Better Time to Increase Supply Chain Visibility

use the IoT for supply chain management

It’s the holiday season, so it’s a prime time to review your supply chain performance. The annual rush, when all elements of your supply chain should be running optimally, presents a perfect opportunity to see if that is true.

Both consumer and business expectations are continually on the rise, even more so during the peak of the holiday season. An exceptional customer experience is paramount.

During this festive and possibly frenetic season, the Internet of Things (IoT) can give you more visibility across your supply chain with real-time and trending data from versatile IoT sensor networks. While in full supply chain management mode, you can use this data to find links or processes needing immediate and long-term fixes.

Our newest blog post briefly outlines four supply chain use cases where the IoT can help you increase visibility and streamline operations. Then, you can boost efficiency, maintain product quality, and delight customers.

  1. Materials and component supply and handling
  2. Production and manufacturing
  3. Logistics, warehousing, and cold chains
  4. E-commerce and in-store retail operations

It’s a jolly good time to consider where you may need more oversight in your supply chain operations.

Tech News

Beta Test the New ALTA® Dual Pulse Counter

new dual pulse counting sensor

If you have two pulse output devices like a water, air, gas, or power meter, you can monitor or record those devices simultaneously with the ALTA Wireless Dual Pulse Counter. The new Monnit IoT counting device will soon be ready for beta testing.

After reviewing the following details about the ALTA Dual Pulse Counter, please sign up to be a beta tester if you see a fit for it in your operations.

You can count active (up to +15 volts of direct current or VDC) or passive (open/closed switch) pulses in a timeframe or an aggregating accumulation. The ALTA Dual Pulse Counter will count a pulse’s positive and negative edges. You can also configure four low-pass filter settings in iMonnit:

  • No filter—Ultra-fast counting
  • 100 Hz filter—Fast counting
  • 25 Hz filter—Normal counting
  • 5 Hz filter—Slow counting

In addition to counting pulses from two meters at once, the counter is ideal for measuring door and turnstile access, production lines, and button or switch integration.

We invite you to beta test the ALTA Dual Pulse Counter if you have an application or use case that could benefit. To do so, sign up using the link below.

Tech Tip

See How to Create Multiple Reports in iMonnit

creating reports in iMonnit

You deployed the Internet of Things (IoT) into your operations mainly to reap the benefits of data analytics. That’s why we offer 29 report templates within five categories in our iMonnit Software. The Reports feature categories are:

  • Administrative—Get audit reports for account management.
  • CFR—Report Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) compliance.
  • GatewayExport—Check up on gateway health and status.
  • SensorExport—Create various reports of sensor data points.
  • Locations—Manage multiple locations or sub-accounts.

You can configure a report to generate data in a Microsoft Excel-readable CSV spreadsheet within a few minutes. Set up iMonnit Reports to provide reports daily, weekly, or monthly. There are some reports that you don’t have to configure or schedule in advance and can be generated in 15 minutes.

View the video or read the Monnit Knowledgebase article to learn how to add iMonnit Reports to your predictive data analytics program.

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