Holiday Supply Chain Peace of Mind is a Thing. Courtesy of the IoT

using the IoT for supply chain management

Have a Merry and Bright Holiday Season by Optimizing Your Supply Chain Management with Illuminating IoT Data

It's the most wonderful time of year to assess the performance of your supply chain management processes. With the hustle and bustle of forecasting, supplying, manufacturing, warehousing, purchasing, distributing, and returning products before, during, and after the holidays, you couldn't ask for a better time to monitor assets, products, equipment, facilities, and more.

Stay in the Know From Planning to Delivery

While your operations are in full swing, data from strategically placed Internet of Things (IoT) sensors will give you high visibility into critical aspects of your supply chain during the season's high demand.

For example, sensors that glean data during supply, production, and logistics management can help you know when assets need attention based on your environmental, condition, and location monitoring capabilities.

Global supply chain disruptions continue, although they are less severe than in recent years. The disruptions remain among the Panama Canal backlog, container ship surplus, cargo and retail theft, inflation, cybercrime, and a truck driver shortage.

However, employing the IoT in your supply chain can ease the unruly effects of global issues and build confidence in your ability to pivot proactively and find specific ways to make long-lasting improvements.

How Sensors Are the Best Santa Supply Chain Helpers

As we prepare for Santa's big scene, sensors monitoring processes throughout supply chains can help him and gift-givers everywhere enjoy the technological magic of the season. How can you know:

  • If a product's manufacturing processes are safe, efficient, and compliant?
  • Are gifts in good condition, and will they arrive on time?

Santa knows who's naughty or nice. But for the season's joy of giving and receiving, he also knows he can pull it all off from pole to pole in one night with the IoT's help all year.

Let's look at a few essential processes and the sensors that can help you optimize your supply chain.

Materials and Component Supply and Handling

One of the first links in a supply chain is the planning, sourcing, and handling raw materials or components. Materials and component handling need monitoring services from a versatile range of wireless sensors like other supply chain links or processes.

Leading the way in tracking this process, are the ALTA® Standard, Digital, and Low Temperature and Humidity Sensors connected to a cellular and GPS-enabled ALTA XL® IoT Gateway. These Monnit Sensors and Gateways are perfect for alerting you when preferred conditions deviate so you can prevent damage or spoilage of supplies on the go or in storage. Adding an ALTA Motion+ Sensor that monitors ambient temperature, area relative humidity (RH), movement, and an ALTA Light Meter for sensitive materials to this sensor network is also a good quality control move.

IoT keeps the holidays running

Production and Manufacturing

IoT solutions can monitor real-time manufacturing operations, equipment and facility conditions, and machinery performance. Ongoing oversight using sensors sending data to cloud software helps identify bottlenecks, predict maintenance, and make production-line adjustments. These actions can reduce downtime and increase asset use and production efficiency.

To keep this critical link in the supply chain productive, the IoT can put condition monitoring into full effect by delivering the data you need to analyze and transform manufacturing operations. Several sensors can be deployed in production environments to provide this crucial data, including temperature sensors, accelerometers, vibration meters, pulse counters, interface sensors, current and voltage meters, and air quality sensors.

Logistics, Warehousing, and Cold Chains

Ensure transparency and precision in logistics with real-time condition and location data of every asset. Analyze this sensor data to develop insights into optimizing delivery routes, preventing delays, and keeping perishable goods safe. Know when a cooler or freezer door opens or when the temperature fluctuates beyond set thresholds by detecting deviations from compliant cold chain conditions.

The IoT can help you streamline inventory, data logging, and asset tracking processes while improving the visibility and accuracy of logistics and warehousing operations. Mobile networks of wireless sensors connected by GPS or GNSS-enabled ALTA IoT Gateways are ideal for logistics. ALTA Low and Digital Temperature Sensors, Open/Closed Sensors, and Current Meters are perfect for monitoring in-facility and mobile cold chain processes. Plus, many other sensors among our 80+ wireless sensors can help you keep supply chain operations running smoothly from warehouses to freezers to trucks and from farm to fork.

Retail Operations

Your e-commerce channels and brick-and-mortar outlets must be at the top of the retail game during the holidays. Benefit from the accuracy and efficiency of asset and product tracking optimized by our IoT solutions.

Keep your in-store retail experience comfortable and predict maintenance with HVAC system sensors that track duct temperature, humidity, airflow, and motor and fan performance. Prevent water leak damage with water detection sensors.

Fuel Holiday Season Success with Increased Supply Chain Visibility

It's a year-round necessity to know what's happening immediately throughout your supply chain, especially during the holiday rush. Seasonal surges and holiday demands can present significant challenges, but Monnit IoT Solutions can prevent and lessen the impact.

Supply chain visibility is more than real-time tracking shipments; it's about gaining actionable insights to drive informed decision-making. This will empower you to anticipate threatening patterns, prevent losses, optimize processes, and identify potential bottlenecks before they become problematic.

By employing Monnit Sensors, businesses can streamline supply chain operations, enhance efficiency, maintain product quality, and ensure customer satisfaction during the festive yet demanding holiday season.

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