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Monnit Excites Laboratory Scientists at Pittcon

Pittcon 2024

Monnit CEO Brad Walters and EVP Nick Mecham recently returned from Pittcon 2024 in San Diego. At our booth, they met with hundreds of laboratory managers and scientists to share how we can connect their lab equipment, conditions, and processes to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Many Pittcon attendees were surprised that a company like Monnit was there because they're used to seeing traditional lab equipment suppliers, various software offerings, sanitation suppliers, etc.," said Mecham. "But the research scientists and laboratory science professionals we met with immediately saw IoT data's inherent, compelling value in their laboratory settings.

"They’ve historically monitored and reported about their state-of-the-art lab equipment and processes via a clipboard for many years. So they’re excited that Monnit can help automate compliance reporting, meet FDA and international regulations, provide NIST certification, predictably maintain equipment, monitor lab climate conditions, and preserve valuable research and assets."

Walters and Mecham also shared how validating it was to connect face-to-face with Monnit customers. Some reported that their sensor networks had saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost research samples after receiving sensor alerts that their fridge and freezer appliances were failing.

For that reason, the ALTA® Low Temperature Sensor was a hit at Pittcon. ULT -80°C and below freezers are critical equipment in medical, pharmaceutical, higher education, and life science research laboratories domestically and internationally. The NIST-calibrated and certified sensor can help them protect frozen assets 24/7.

To the added delight of Pittcon attendees, the benefits of our temperature, thermocouple, humidity, pressure, and HVAC sensors were also popular discussion points.

Pittcon was created by the Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy as an annual international conference and expo for laboratory science professionals. We're excited to be in Boston next year for Pittcon 2025.

On Our Way to NFMT

We’ll be at the National Facilities Management and Technology (NFMT) 2024 Conference and Exposition in Baltimore from March 12–14 in booth 734.

Facility Monitoring is a top market for us as we offer many sensors among our 80+ wireless IoT sensors to help facility managers (FMs) optimize facility conditions and systems using critical, timely data.

We can help any commercial, industrial, and residential facility management professional create smart facilities. You can monitor nearly everything in a facility with our sensor solutions—from HVAC systems and climate conditions to plumbing to electrical.

We’re excited to share this message with NFMT attendees next week.

Sensor Spotlight

Springtime is the Best Time to Install Soil Moisture Sensors

Editor's Note: We hope you enjoy our periodic Sensor Spotlight feature this month. With our 80+ wireless IoT sensors, it's possible to overlook some of them.

This time of year brings optimism for farmers, greenhouse managers, and commercial landscapers. These plant-growing professionals have significant opportunities to showcase their talents. They need their data-driven know-how to counter the many things that can go wrong to grow a successful crop or landscape.

Our ALTA® Soil Moisture Sensor, winner of the 2023 AgTech Breakthrough Irrigation Innovation of the Year Award, is ready to help provide critical condition data throughout the growing season.

soil moisture sensors

Help Soil Tell You When and Where to Water

The ALTA® Soil Moisture Sensor sends data to your mobile device and PC so you can know how much, when, and where to irrigate crops and plants. You get instant text, email, or voice call alerts if soil water or temperatures deviate from preset parameters.

Measure soil water tension in units of pressure (0 to 240 centibar (cb) or kilopascal (kPa)) and temperature (-40°C to 125°C/-40°F to 257°F) using an innovative resistive granular matrix element and a thermistor-based temperature element.

The Impact of Soil Water Potential and Temperature Readings

When you measure water potential and temperature together, you can tell more accurately if your crops are healthy or stressed. Combining these elements, the ALTA Soil Moisture Sensor can help increase yield and mitigate water stress and nutrient leaching. You can also use the temperature element's reading for soil moisture temperature compensation, so you don't need different water readings if the temperature changes.

Measure Up to Conservation Concerns

Overwatering and underwatering are significant concerns as you balance water conservation with healthy crops. Smart irrigation using the ALTA Soil Moisture Sensor can help quench water-saving worries and optimize precision irrigation scheduling in smart agriculture operations.

By connecting soil water to the IoT, the sensor triggers water's effective, efficient use. It can help stimulate growing operations' long-term economic and environmental sustainability.

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Tech Tip

How to Delete a Rule in iMonnit

deleting a rule in iMonnit

When you need an ALTA® Sensor to follow a new or different Rule, there are two ways to delete the current Rule.

This Monnit Knowledgebase article with a how-to video shows you the two pathways to do it:

  1. Rule card shortcut
  2. Select the Rule

In five steps, you can complete both ways to delete a Rule in iMonnit.

You can find many articles and videos in our Knowledgebase and on YouTube that can help you with anything related to sensor Rules. For example, you can:

Take time to learn the best practices for using Rules in iMonnit to get the data you need from your Monnit Wireless IoT Sensors.

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