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Magnetic Inspection Laboratory Makes Maintenance Proactive and Predictive

Magnetic Inspection Laboratory case study

You can learn a lot from a company like Magnetic Inspection Laboratory (MIL), which leaders in the defense, aerospace, medical, and power industries have depended on for 81 years. Especially when they’ve built a solid reputation for exceptional customer care, high response time, and high-quality services.

As a one-stop shop, MIL provides many prominent industry players with metal finishing, coatings, non-destructive testing, surface enhancement, and welding services. With predictive data from Monnit ALTA® Sensors, the company maintains plant readiness and efficiency.

We’re giving you an inside look into how the MIL Plant Maintenance Team does it.

Sneak Peek: The team relies on IoT data to manage many processes—from monitoring the air exchange in 500,000 cubic feet of the metal finishing department to keeping 60 steam-pressured, tempered tanks optimized to avoiding wastewater sump pump and pit overload.

The Result: Precisely crafted critical components that protect precious lives and products.

Tech News

Sensors Are at the Core of Our Industrial Age

sensors for the new industrial age

In the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, sensors are on the front lines and at the center. The IoT wouldn’t be a thing without sensors.They’re crucial to detecting changes and collecting valuable data. So, as an IoT sensor manufacturer, it should be no surprise that we believe sensors are at the center of the IoT universe.

Of course, the problems or challenges you need to monitor are right there with our sensors. We engineer, manufacture, and sell sensors to give you data so you can solve critical concerns.

We recommend you take a few minutes to read an article in Tech Briefs, “Sensors—the Heart of the IoT,” by Associate Editor Ed Brown. It captures the value we inject into our work developing sensors that will help propel your organization through this industrial age.

Here are a few of the excerpts of Brown’s article that caught our attention:

  • “Without Sensors, There Would Be No IoT, or IIoT, or Industry 4.0.”
  • “In their most basic form, sensors provide raw data in the form of analog electrical signals. That simple fact poses a fundamental distinction: data vs. information.”
  • “Once the raw data has been converted into information, its uses are almost endless.”
  • “The sensor becomes smart when it is embedded into a tiny package that includes electronics to do preprocessing.”
  • “The IoT World is the Smart Sensor World”
  • “In the industrial world, they enable advanced predictive maintenance by sensing gradual changes in machine behavior.” (See The Many Benefits of Smart IIoT Connected Factories, Sensor Technology.)

Tech Tip

How to Automate Power with an ALTA Control Unit

ALTA control unit operation

Our ALTA® 10 and 30 Amp Wireless Control Units sync with ALTA Wireless Sensors, an ALTA Gateway, and iMonnit to power on or off various devices like HVAC systems, greenhouse vents and fans, and factory machines. You can automate many processes by combining the capabilities of control units and sensors.

Each ALTA Control Unit’s two relays can be controlled automatically by any wireless sensor or a group of sensors. Simply set parameters or conditions in iMonnit using the Rules feature to automate relay switching and control the power of many processes and equipment.

This Monnit Knowledgebase article walks you through an example of configuring an ALTA Control Unit in iMonnit. You’ll learn:

  1. The steps to configure the Rules.
  2. How the Rules will work.

Get a glimpse of what it’s like configuring just one relay to power a fan on and off when certain conditions occur. It’s easy to see how helpful our ALTA Control Units can be working in tandem with our ALTA Sensors.

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