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Monnit to Support European Cold Chain Standard EN12830

Standard EN12830

Maintaining temperatures in food and pharma cold chains is critical to prevent spoilage and meet safety regulations. Our data-logging ALTA® Temperature Sensors are used by businesses worldwide to accurately record, verify, and validate temperature wherever their perishable goods go.

Our ALTA Temperature Sensors are in the testing phase of EN12830 cold chain traceability standard certification. This is welcome news for transporters and logistics managers of temperature-sensitive goods.

The EN12830 certification is in addition to our National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) certification. This 2018 European standard specifies technical and functional characteristics that our ALTA Wireless Enterprise and Industrial Temperature Sensors with three-foot leads must meet to monitor and data log the condition of goods during transportation, storage, and distribution.

We will certify that, according to EN12830, these sensors primarily comply with the following:

  • Class 0.5 accuracy of +/- 0.5°C from -40°C to 50°C.
  • Class 1.0 accuracy of +/- 1°C from 50.1°C to 85°C.
  • Data-logging integrity, data traceability, and software data security specifications.
  • Autonomous operation and independent power supply.
  • Sensor housing durability and manufacturing requirements.

Customers can soon expect the Standard ALTA Wireless Enterprise and Industrial Temperature Sensors to be EN12830 certified, with their continual NIST, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), and 21 CFR Part 11B compliance.

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Tech News

Coming Soon: New ALTA® 5-Input Dry Contact Sensor

5-input dry contact sensor

A new Monnit Sensor will soon be available to beta test—The ALTA® Wireless 5-Input Dry Contact Sensor.

Like our single-input ALTA Dry Contact Sensor, you can use it to detect contact between two wired contact points, a mechanical switch or relay, a transistor switch, or a contact plate. However, this new sensor has five independent, highly reactive wired inputs and a ground wire to simultaneously monitor multiple contacts in one place or a bank of contact closures.

Here are more details about the features of the ALTA 5-Input Dry Contact Sensor.

  • Delivers no voltage dry contact using a 6-wire (five input lines, one ground line) 3-foot cable
  • Provides extend-capable wires with a 4-inch peel-back cable sheath
  • Ideal for facility and factory managers who monitor and control metered relay devices, utility rooms, equipment, machinery, and building management systems
  • Detects both closed and open loops for each of the five inputs, alerting if contact is made or broken and on state changes
  • Sends data immediately based on preset thresholds to an ALTA or ALTA XL Gateway for the gateway to instantly and securely send to iMonnit for an alert and review.

We invite you to beta test the ALTA 5-Input Dry Contact Sensor if you have an application or use case that could benefit. To do so, sign up using the link below.

Tech Tip

Unlock and Learn What You Can Do with GPS Maps

GPS maps in iMonnit

Did you know you can track and map critical assets with GPS data in iMonnit?

This Monnit Knowledgebase article walks you through getting GPS location data from your ALTA® or ALTA XL® IoT Gateway. Unlock the GPS data feature on your IoT Gateway to activate GPS tracking for vehicles, fleets, equipment, supplies, and other assets in iMonnit.

The dynamic iMonnit GPS Mapping feature is ideal for monitoring the location and performance in logistics applications like fleet management, field services, cold chain management, and asset tracking.

The data points you monitor on the mapping dashboards include location coordinates, time, altitude, accuracy, and speed. Many GPS data points can be exported or integrated into other tracking and reporting systems via an API, including direction, elevation, elevation change, etc.

You can create multiple maps using GPS data from one ALTA or ALTA XL IoT Gateway or many for monitoring categories like regions, cities, states, delivery areas, and fleet, cargo, vehicle, or asset types.

Enjoy the benefits of iMonnit GPS Mapping:

  • Turn data points into visual point maps of activity history with GPS heatmaps.
  • Choose any IoT Gateway on a map to drill down and review current and historical GPS data.
  • Refresh maps and transmit current data points on the IoT Gateway’s exclusive GPS Heartbeat.
  • Integrate GPS data into other fleet management and logistics systems with APIs.
  • Export GPS data points into CSV files for Microsoft Excel conversion and reporting.

Learn how to set up and use GPS data in your IoT applications.

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