Monnit Says Goodbye to the ALTA Advanced EDGE Gateway

the ALTA Edge Gateway has been discontinued

Supply Chain Shortages Result in Multiple Award-Winning Gateway Termination

Due to a significant production reduction and subsequent supply shortages of components for the ALTA® Advanced EDGE Gateway, Monnit has opted to discontinue the product indefinitely. The decision to eliminate the popular gateway came after continued monthly reports during the past year from component manufacturers that they expect production and supply shortages to be long-term.

Monnit will still support customers but will replace the ALTA Advanced EDGE Gateway sometime in the future. We’ll keep you updated as the new ALTA Gateway launch nears. In the meantime, feel free to check out our ALTA IoT Gateway and Ethernet Gateway 4 as you look to expand your IoT networking.

Remember the Valuable Benefits of the Advanced EDGE Gateway

The ALTA Advanced EDGE Gateway aggregated data from feature-rich ALTA Wireless Sensors and sent the data to mainstream cloud providers, such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, or IBM Watson. Coupling the prominent Message Queuing Telemetry Transport Secured (MQTTS) protocol and the IoT’s broadest sensor range, the Advanced EDGE Gateway fulfilled a key IoT mission of making deployments more agile and productive.

The Advanced EDGE Gateway also featured a step-by-step guided, multilingual web interface or dashboard for configuring and managing Monnit Sensors and designating MQTT brokers. The Ethernet-based gateway received sensor data and “fingerprinted” the data with a cryptographic validation stamp. This authenticated data was transmitted to a cloud broker (or multiple brokers), which arrived in a standard format. Integrated macros enabled data configuration in virtually any format, such as JSON or XML, making it a powerful tool for data analysis and action.

More ALTA Advanced EDGE Gateway Features:

  • Scalability: One gateway accommodated up to 100 wireless sensors
  • Robust Processing: Linux® UBUNTU™ ARM-based processing platform
  • Locally Hosted: Self-hosted iMonnit Express V4.0.2.0 user interface
  • Security: Data authentication via unique cryptographic validation “fingerprint”
  • Redundancy: Data transmission to multiple cloud providers or MQTT servers, ensuring operational reliability in the event of server failure

The gateway won the 2020 IoT Innovations Award from Connected World, the Gold 2020 Leadership in Engineering Achievement Program (LEAP) Award, and the 2021 Industrial IoT Product of the Year Award from IoT Evolution World.

Thank you to our valued ALTA Advanced EDGE Gateway customers. We look forward to creating new ALTA Gateways for you that deliver on your unique use case needs.

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