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New Handheld Device Tells You The Best Places for Sensors

new Site Survey tool for wireless sensor placement

Would you like to know an area’s specific ALTA® signal strength and quality before installing an ALTA Wireless Sensor? You can measure the TRUESIGNAL™ anywhere you’re planning to place your sensors with our soon-to-be-released ALTA Site Survey Tool.

The ALTA data communications platform offers secure, long-range transmission more than 1,200 feet through 12+ walls. But the ALTA Site Survey Tool shows you the precise TRUESIGNAL reliability percentage within that range on an LCD. This way, you’ll know how well and often your sensors will communicate based on your ALTA signal reliability settings.

You can better plan the design of your Internet of Things (IoT) network by knowing the best placement of your ALTA Sensors and Gateways. The ALTA Site Survey Tool can help you determine and predict each sensor’s best signal reliability level for your unique use case or IoT application. Optimize your IoT network by fine-tuning ALTA Sensor placement with the ALTA Site Survey Tool’s TRUESIGNAL before you begin the installation.

Tech News

Track and Map Critical Assets with GPS Data in iMonnit

showing GPS map pins in iMonnit

Unlock the GPS data feature on your ALTA® IoT Gateway to activate GPS tracking for vehicles, fleets, and other assets in iMonnit. The new dynamic iMonnit GPS Mapping feature is ideal for monitoring the location and performance in logistics applications like fleet management, field services, cold chain management, and asset tracking.

The data points you monitor on the dynamic mapping dashboards include location coordinates, time, altitude, accuracy, and speed. Many GPS data points can be exported or integrated into other tracking and reporting systems via an API, including direction, elevation, elevation change, and many more.

You can create multiple maps using GPS data from one ALTA IoT Gateway or many for monitoring categories like regions, cities, states, delivery areas, and fleet, cargo, vehicle, or asset types.

Enjoy the benefits of iMonnit GPS Mapping:

  • Turn data points into visual point maps of activity history with GPS heatmaps.
  • Choose any IoT Gateway on a map to drill down and review current and historical GPS data.
  • View automatically refreshed maps every 10 minutes with current data points transmitting on the IoT Gateway’s exclusive GPS Heartbeat.
  • Integrate GPS data into other fleet management and logistics systems with APIs.
  • Export GPS data points into CSV files for Microsoft Excel conversion and reporting.

Let us know how you want to use GPS data in your IoT applications.

Tech Tip

how to move sensors between networks in iMonnit

How to Move a Sensor to Another Network

If you need to connect your ALTA Wireless Sensors to another IoT network created by a different ALTA Gateway, you can do it in five steps. As your unique use cases and applications change and your sensor networks grow, you can easily transfer sensors between different networks. You don’t need to delete and re-add them in iMonnit.

Whether you’re moving them physically or not, sensors can get up and running on your new network in minutes using iMonnit functions. It’s also a good time to review the settings on the sensors you’re moving and take the opportunity to reconfigure them if necessary. This knowledgebase article with a video walks you through the five steps to move your sensors from one network to another in iMonnit.

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