Monnit Wins Two 2023 Best of State Awards

Two Best of State Awards

Annual Awards Program Honors Contributions to Industry Excellence, Innovation, and Quality of Life

Salt Lake City—April 27, 2023—For the first time, Monnit won two Best of State® Medals in Production & Manufacturing: Hardware and Science & Technology: Laboratory Equipment and Supplies. As an Internet of Things (IoT) leader and manufacturer, the company has received Best of State Awards in Production & Manufacturing.

However, this is its first win in the Science & Technology category. The Best of State Awards honor organizations that excel in their endeavors, use innovative approaches or methods, and contribute to a better quality of life.

Two Best of State Awards

  1. Monnit won the Production & Manufacturing: Hardware award for its sheer versatility of IoT technologies and diverse product offerings.
  2. In the Science & Technology: Laboratory Equipment and Supplies category, Monnit was awarded for its many solutions that monitor critical equipment and environmental conditions in laboratory facilities 24/7.

“We’re excited to be recognized again by Best of State for our hardware—our IoT sensors and gateways—that help prevent problems in nearly every industry,” said Monnit Founder and CEO Brad Walters. “Much of our success stems from the fact that the applications or use cases for Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions are seemingly endless. We’re also incredibly proud to be honored for one of our many niche IoT solutions, in this case for health care, bioscience, and pharmaceutical laboratories worldwide.”

Hard to Find an Organization Monnit Couldn’t Help

Business owners and organization leaders in property and facilities management, health care, research labs, food services, fish hatcheries, manufacturing plants, petrochemical operations, waste management, pest control, and many more can monitor important operations and things.

Our IoT sensors monitor simple things like water leak detection in a restroom or server room, infrared motion detection, and access to complex issues such as a machine’s health and energy consumption.

As a further testament to our versatile and easy-to-use IoT solutions:

  • District school lunch managers implement our IoT networks to reduce or eliminate tens of thousands of dollars in food loss.
  • Exterminators use our bed bug heat remediation solution in hotels and homes.
  • Hot yoga instructors control and schedule their studio temperature and humidity systems remotely to perfect conditions as they arrive for every class.
  • An international coalition uses our integrated IoT solutions to monitor medical device performance in sub-Saharan African NICUs.

Put Lab Operations in the Palm of Your Hand

There are many state-of-the-art equipment and environmental conditions to manage in laboratory facilities. Every process must comply with regulatory bodies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and others. It’s imperative to keep a close eye on lab operations 24/7.

Laboratory managers, technicians, and scientists can connect their equipment to Monnit IoT technologies and remotely monitor their labs on their mobile devices. They can make their laboratories smart and ensure they have the condition data they need to meet regulations, predictably maintain equipment, preserve research, and protect valuable assets.

Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions for Laboratory Management can monitor nearly everything in laboratories—from HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems to predictive equipment maintenance to coolers and ultralow temperature (ULT) freezers.

About Monnit Corporation

The origin story of the Internet of Things (IoT) begins with Monnit. Before our inception in 2010, we were already at the forefront of embedding technology into machines and devices to make them talk, delivering valuable data to business leaders. Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions for nearly any industry use case have delivered 39+ billion data points in more than 85 countries for 52,000 customers. Monnit’s 80+ IoT sensors remotely monitor many conditions like temperature, light, humidity, water, vibration, pressure, and more. You can analyze data using iMonnit cloud software and get alerts via email, text, or call when our sensors detect a change you need to know.

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