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Monnit Sets a New Standard—Wins Two Best of State Awards

Monnit wins two Best of State Awards

In previous years of the Best of State® Awards program, Monnit won the Production & Manufacturing: Hardware medal. This year, however, Monnit not only owned that category but received the award for Science & Technology: Laboratory Equipment and Supplies.

We’re honored to be recognized again as a leading manufacturer of IoT technologies for nearly any industry use case. But we’re especially proud that Best of State awarded one of our many niche market offerings—sensing solutions for health care, bioscience, and pharmaceutical laboratories. We view these awards as validation of Monnit as both a global IoT technology generalist and specialist.

As you know, we offer remote monitoring for nearly everything. This includes many diverse things and places like server rooms, greenhouses, freezers and coolers, machine power and performance, HVAC systems, access and occupancy, food services, laboratories and pharmacies, and much more.

So it’s one thing to be awarded for our many remote monitoring solutions by this prestigious third party in our regional business community. But it’s another thing when they honor us because we excel in our endeavors, use innovative approaches or methods, and contribute to a better quality of life.

Thank you, Best of State.

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Tech News

New Global Gateway SIM Card Gives More for the Same Cost

New Global Gateway SIM Card Gives More for the Same Cost

The new Monnit Global Gateway SIM Card works worldwide with 5 MB instead of 1 MB. So everywhere our ALTA® and ALTA XL® IoT Gateways work, our new SIM card will work right out of the box for the same cost.

Connect to the Best Cellular Network Automatically

When you purchase a Monnit 2-Year Data Plan, your ALTA or ALTA XL IoT Gateway will automatically connect to the best cellular network for your location. It’s now easier to migrate to multiple cellular carriers. There’s also no need to source a SIM card and do any SIM card configuration. The new Monnit SIM Card will be in your gateway and ready for installation.

More Advantages
  • Global cellular connectivity and support
  • Higher data input (5 vs. 1 MB) for the same price
  • $ No activation or SIM card fee

If you already use the 1 MB SIM Card, you can upgrade to the new Monnit Global Gateway 5 MB SIM Card by calling your Monnit Sales Representative. We also offer a 50 MB SIM card for higher data needs.

Learn what the North American IoT Gateways can do.

Tech Tip

How to Create a Rule in iMonnit

how to create rule in iMonnit

Do you need to know via text, email, or voice call when an ALTA Sensor detects a breach of a preset parameter? Then simply create a Rule in iMonnit by taking six steps. Rules are essential for remote monitoring.

Create a rule to prompt an instant alert or notification on your mobile device. This will help you actively monitor trends and changes to your Internet of Things (IoT) use case status.

This Monnit Knowledgebase article walks you through the steps to follow, including:

  1. Create a Rule
  2. Pick a Device
  3. Choose a Condition
  4. Set Up Tasks
  5. Name the Rule
  6. Rule Complete

If you want your Monnit Sensors to let you know when specific preset Conditions change, take a few minutes to review and apply these step-by-step instructions.

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