Just Released New Feature: One-Click Firmware Over-The-Air Updates for ALTA Sensors

firmware over the air now available in iMonnit

New Self-Service iMonnit Dashboard Helps You Easily Keep Sensors Up to Date

A new way to ensure your ALTA Wireless Sensors run the most recent firmware is now available. The Monnit One-Click Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) Updates feature is in the iMonnit online portal and mobile app.

As the new self-service feature’s name suggests, you can easily and quickly keep your ALTA Sensors’ firmware updated with one click of the Update All button in iMonnit. Then the upgrades, which may include enhanced features, boosted security, optimized connectivity, or unique fixes, are sent from iMonnit through an ALTA Gateway. Your gateway then wirelessly sends firmware updates over the air to your sensors.

FOTA download icon
  1. If you see a Download icon in the left iMonnit main menu next to Sensors, you’ll know you have sensors that need FOTA updates.
  2. Just click the Download icon, and the FOTA Updates dashboard will appear with all the sensors to update.
  3. Of course, you can click each sensor and the Update Selected button. But it can be more satisfying to click the Update All button and watch the automatic progress of the Pending Updates for each sensor.

That’s the One-Click FOTA Updates feature.


We suggest updating your ALTA Gateway first, then enjoying the one-click action to update all your sensors. To ensure your gateway is up to date, see our Monnit Knowledgebase article, How to Update ALTA Gateway Firmware.

The iMonnit Software will automatically detect which ALTA Gateway communicates with each ALTA Sensor and send the FOTA commands through that gateway. On the FOTA Updates dashboard, your ALTA Sensors will be grouped based on type. Updates will automatically progress through each group, and the dashboard shows each sensor’s update status and progress.

Please read our knowledgebase article, ALTA Sensor Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) Updates, which explains how the process works—and what you’ll experience when you do it.

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