Monnit News Briefs - July 2022

July 2022 News Briefs

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Monnit Wins 2022 Pandemic Tech Innovation Award

Pandemic Tech Innovation Award logo

Our ALTA Remote Monitoring Solutions for pandemic health care were recently honored for exceptional innovation by TMC, a global, integrated media company, and its TMC Labs product review division.

The ALTA Low and Digital Temperature and Differential Air Pressure Sensors were recognized as devices that help society and business function effectively in the face of challenges caused by pandemics and other unexpected or unprecedented circumstances.

As an essential business, Monnit provides a select suite of remote monitoring solutions to support health care operations battling pandemics. Monnit Pandemic Remote Monitoring Solutions are on the case, from improving facility health to monitoring equipment to supporting vaccination and pharmaceutical development and distribution.

Learn more about why Monnit received the award.

Tech News

What’s New? Customer-Driven Updates to iMonnit Enterprise and Express Software

new iMonnit updates

The Monnit Software Team has made several updates to iMonnit Enterprise and Express. They want IoT network administrators, managers, and users to know that the prioritized updates to both iMonnit standalone versions include bug fixes, enhancements, and new features. Of particular note is that these iMonnit applications now support new sensors released during the past 18 months.

The iMonnit Enterprise Updates

Straight from the update release notes, iMonnit Enterprise ( bug fixes include:

  • When adding an ALTA Gateway, the default configuration is “Force Transmit on Aware.”
  • When importing sensors through XML files, an error will no longer appear when an existing sensor is in the file. The import will skip over existing sensors.

The new features and enhancements of iMonnit Enterprise include:

  • Administrators can set a user’s password to help those who don’t have SMTP set up. Plus, admins can reset user passwords.
  • Users can add notes directly to Events inline without changing the page context or leaving the page.
  • A two-factor authentication (2FA) process is now available to boost account security.
  • The list of supported sensors and gateways is up to date.
  • Application programming interface (API) page navigation has been simplified.

The iMonnit Express ( Updates

  • Gateway messages saved to databases will only include the last 5,000
  • Enhanced password security
  • Optimized Actions configuration interface with improved editing capabilities
  • Legacy keys fail properly
  • A sensor limit guard is in place
  • The ALTA Vibration Meter was updated to display the correct “Triggered by this display type” option
  • The ALTA Temperature and Humidity Sensors can be set with a full range of thresholds
  • Correction to the BACnet Plugin

Customers who purchased iMonnit Enterprise or Express within the past year can visit to get updated versions. If you bought either iMonnit version more than a year ago, please call your Monnit Sales Representative for an upgrade license at 801-561-5555.

Monnit Giveaways

Congratulations to June’s Winners!

Monnit swag product shot

We received entries from Monnit Fans with photos and randomly selected the following Monnit Giveaways winners for the June contest. They each receive a box of Monnit Swag. Thank you to everyone who participated. Enter July’s contest below for another two chances if you didn’t win.

Entry Winners

  • Jason Caldwell, Service Director, Teltex, communications solutions for people with disabilities
  • Alvin Chng, Founder & CEO, Qonda System (, distributor and system integrator for IoT, security, and robotics automation
  • Pat Kramer, Certified Public Accountant and Treasurer, Rock Hall Yacht Club, accounting services to support and develop sailing, boating, and diverse social activities
  • Skip Spackeen, VP Business Development, AV Innovations, electronic systems contractor for the design and installation of AV/IT solutions
  • Shayne Spiezio, Mechanical Testing, building commissioning services with HVAC test and balance, 3D modeling, drone, fume hood testing, and thermal façade building scans

Win Monnit Merchandise in July!

We’re giving away Monnit-branded goods like snapback hats, T-shirts, and lunch cooler bags. There are two ways to win in our Monnit Giveaways promotion.

  1. Enter to win in our random drawing at the end of the month. Just fill out this short form.
  2. Send a high-resolution photo of your Monnit Sensors in action to with a short description of your use case.

We’ve reserved many high-quality promotional items for you, our valued customers. Thank you in advance for participating in Monnit Giveaways.

Tech Tip

How to Activate the Modbus TCP Interface—Helpful Resources

activating Modbus in iMonnit

This month’s tech tip revolves around a handy ALTA Ethernet Gateway 4 feature that you can overlook. It’s the Modbus TCP Interface. If you want to connect the gateway to a Modbus Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) network, you must enable this interface for the gateway to communicate on that network. Then you can integrate your sensor network and direct sensor data to factory, building automation and management systems, and other applications that use Modbus TCP.

The video and Monnit Knowledgebase articles below show you how to access and enable the interface via iMonnit or the HTTP Interface on the gateway. You should know that to direct the data from the gateway via the Modbus TCP Interface; the gateway must be unlocked. Please contact your sales representative for help unlocking the gateway.

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