Spreading Joy: Monnit Employees Join Project Elf

Monnit joins project elf in 2023

Monnit Makes Holidays Bright for Youth at The Christmas Box Shelters

The Monnit Christmas tree was again decorated this year with Project Elf ornaments featuring gift wishes of Utah youth. Employees got to take the ornaments and make those wishes of children, teens, and young adults come true.

In addition to our annual Christmas Party, making the holiday season magical for kids at The Christmas Box International is a highlight of our experience this time of year at Monnit.

Project Elf is a spirited tradition of giving for Monnit employees. As part of our commitment to give back to our community, we eagerly participate in Project Elf, an initiative to brighten the holidays for youth at The Christmas Box International Shelters.

Monnit does Project Elf 2023

"Project Elf embodies the season's essence—spreading joy and comfort to those who need it most," said Monnit Founder and CEO Brad Walters. "For Monnit employees, being part of this heartwarming, priceless opportunity is more than a charitable act; it's an opportunity to connect, make a difference, and create lasting memories for these remarkable youth."

The enthusiasm among our team members is palpable as they embark on a heartfelt journey of selecting and buying gifts tailored to bring smiles to the faces of these young people. From toys that light up their eyes to books that ignite their imaginations to clothes that boost confidence—our employees pour their care and consideration into each present, ensuring it reflects love.

What makes this experience truly special is the enjoyment that radiates from our employees during this process. It's not just about buying gifts; it's about the shared sense of camaraderie and fulfillment that comes from knowing they're contributing to brightening someone's holiday season.

"As our employees place these thoughtfully chosen gifts under our tree, you know they're hoping for the delight on the faces of the children, teens, and young adults at The Christmas Box International," said Walters. "A special thanks to our Monnit Project Elf Coordinators—Office Manager Cindy Power and Business Administrator Vanessa Register."

More About Project Elf and The Christmas Box International

Project Elf 2023

Founded by Richard Paul and Keri Evans, The Christmas Box International helps fill Santa's sleigh every year for youth in our community who have been abused, neglected, trafficked, or are facing homelessness.

Project Elf offers fun and meaningful opportunities for businesses, individuals, families, neighborhoods, schools, scouts, and church groups to brighten the holidays for those in need because every child deserves a Christmas.

The Christmas Box International also partners with local, national, and international groups to defend and care for the most vulnerable children every other day of the year. For more information about how this wonderful organization works to prevent child abuse through a culture of universal diversity, inclusion, and love, visit TheChristmasBox.org.

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