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Rolling Into 2024 with You

Monnit 2023 Year in Review

We have heightened excitement for the Internet of Things (IoT) as we reflect on the award-winning strides and record-setting milestones we achieved during 2023.

First and foremost is our gratitude for you, our customers and partners. You've made stepping into our 14th year one that's brimming with anticipation and innovation.

Join us in retracing the highlights that propelled Monnit forward, setting the tone for an exciting year ahead.

We Expanded Our Diverse IoT Solution Portfolio

These are a few of the IoT awards we won and the products and services we launched in 2023:

  • IoT Global Award for Connected Health or Wearable Tech—Monnit won this award for supporting the development and deployment of a medical device monitoring solution from 3rd Stone Design and Hadleigh Health Technologies. The IoT solution is specially designed for sub-Saharan African neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) in Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, and other countries.
  • ALTA XL® IoT Gateways—Available in Industrial and Enterprise versions, these gateways offer a 2,000+ foot through 18+ walls of wireless range and transmission strength using a 1-watt amplified receiver. These ALTA XL Gateways and the one below won the 2023 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award.
  • ALTA XL® Ethernet Gateway—Featuring the ALTA XL extended range, this gateway enables ALTA Sensors to communicate with iMonnit without a PC to accommodate various vertical and remote wireless IoT applications and use cases.
  • IoT Evolution Industrial IoT Product of the Year—Our ALTA® Advanced Vibration Meter received the 2023 IoT Evolution Industrial IoT Product of the Year Award for its exceptional innovation and superior contribution to the rapidly evolving IoT industry.
  • ALTA® 750 and 3000 PSIG Pressure Meters—Monitor gas, liquid, and vapor line pressure up to 750 and 3000 pounds per square inch in gauge (PSIG). These meters have many uses, including oil well testing, energy exploration, laboratory system monitoring, and water system analysis.
  • Monnit Global Gateway SIM Card—The 5 MB card offers higher data input for the same price. It's available in every ALTA and ALTA XL IoT Gateway to connect your IoT network automatically to the best cellular network for your location.
  • AgTech Breakthrough Irrigation Innovation of the Year Award—The ALTA® Soil Moisture Sensor was recognized as one of the world's most innovative technologies in the global Agtech industry.
  • New iMonnit Dashboard and Locations Features—The main dashboard of iMonnit was enhanced for improved navigation and network management. The new Locations feature was added to help you manage multiple sub-accounts or locations.
  • EN12830 Standard Certification—Our ALTA Wireless Enterprise and Industrial Temperature Sensors with three-foot leads comply with this European standard that regulates perishable goods' monitoring and data logging throughout the cold chain.

The Plan Forward

We'll continue our momentum from last year, fueled by showcasing our IoT portfolio and networking with people at many trade shows. Our ongoing building of new versatile and innovative IoT sensors and gateways will continue throughout 2024.

We look forward to helping you strategize solutions to target your use cases and improve business outcomes.

Here's to a prosperous 2024!

Brad Walters
Monnit Founder & CEO

Sensor Spotlight

Maintain Critical Pressure Levels with the ALTA® Wireless PSIG Pressure Meter

Editor’s Note: We continue our periodic Sensor Spotlight feature this month. With our 80+ wireless sensors, it’s possible sometimes to overlook various sensors. We hope this special section helps you remember these valuable sensors whenever needed.

There are many benefits for many industries to monitoring and managing air, gas, liquid, and vapor pipeline pressure. From safety assurance and predictive maintenance to compliance and quality control to optimized operations and cost-efficiency, keeping an eye on line pressure provides significant peace of mind and return on investment (ROI).

Our versatile, highly precise ALTA® Wireless PSIG Pressure Meter helps you track and optimize line pressure so you can:

  • Ensure efficient operations and quality control for various applications.
  • Detect water and gas leaks and maintain consistent pressure and distribution.
  • Deliver proper air circulation and HVAC system performance.
  • Prevent leaks and overpressure situations to maintain safe operations.
  • Provide accurate readings and safe pressure levels for many use cases.
  • Protect hydraulic, atmospheric, and fuel line systems.
wireless IoT pressure meters

The ALTA Wireless PSIG Pressure Meter is available in Industrial and Enterprise 50, 300, 750, and 3,000 pounds per square inch gauge (PSIG) versions for your varied system and machine pressurized line pressure monitoring needs.

These PSIG Pressure Meters use a five-volt industrial-grade pressure transducer to measure pressure within a supply line during a configurable timeframe.

The meters’ diverse use cases include many industry applications, including:

  • Manufacturing where precise pressure levels are necessary for production processes.
  • Oil and gas to ensure safe and efficient extraction, transportation, and storage.
  • Utilities and water management for detecting leaks and managing distribution systems.
  • Health care processes and medical devices like clean rooms, respiratory equipment, infusion pumps, and blood pressure monitoring.
  • Research and laboratory settings to monitor vital lab equipment, such as chromatography systems, autoclaves, and reactors.
  • HVAC systems, aerospace, and automotive factory systems in ducts, pipelines, machinery, hydraulics, and fuel lines.

ALTA Pressure Meters play a pivotal role in remote monitoring and data transmission, enabling real-time alerts and trending insights.

Tech Tip

How to Purchase or Renew Your iMonnit Premiere Subscription

how to purchase or renew iMonnit Premiere

Did you know you can purchase and renew your annual subscription to iMonnit Premiere directly in the online software?

You or people linked to your account might have noticed several changes if you didn’t renew your subscription before it expired. If so, your account is defaulted to iMonnit Basic.

But it’s easy to get back to iMonnit Premiere in just a few steps. You can do it all in your iMonnit account if you’re the administrator or primary contact.

This Monnit Knowledgebase article provides the steps to renew your iMonnit Premiere subscription. It will also describe what happens when you need to renew and the advanced sensor settings you can configure in iMonnit Premiere.

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