The New iMonnit: More Functionality, More Control, More Growth

New iMonnit Main Dashboard and Locations Feature

The Main Dashboard at a Glance and Location, Location, Location

Our Software Development Team has been working hard to bring you an updated, sleek iMonnit with added features and scaled for growth. But this update isn’t just skin deep. While the new dashboard is visually striking, we’ve added easy-to-read data cards so you can see your account at a glance.

Whether for a quick scan or a deep data dive, our new home cards offer everything you need. You can now match your priorities to your dashboard—monitoring your way. You can quickly organize the new iMonnit main dashboard cards or sections according to your preferences and needs. Limited space? The home cards collapse and expand on the iMonnit Mobile App. See what matters. Only see what you need.

Dashboard Enhancements

  • Sensors—See how many are Active, Alerting, Warning, and Offline. All data is conveniently displayed in a colorful pie chart.
  • Gateways—A pie chart shows how many are Active, Alerting, Warning, and Offline.
  • Account Information—This card features user details and account notifications. From iMonnit Premiere subscriptions to credit thresholds, this is your card.
  • Recent Reports—Your last five reports will populate here. Easily see Last Run lists and dates. Click on any of your five reports to see specifics.
  • Sensor List—Review a listing of each sensor by unique name and status. Every sensor listed is a hotlink taking you quickly to the Sensor History—Sensors Reading page.
  • Rules Triggered—Watch your Rules, both Acknowledged and Unacknowledged, all conveniently on the home page. Each Rule has color-coded icons for quick recognition.
  • Favorites—Add anything you want to access fast as a customizable quick link, like sensors, gateways, or maps. Arrange your selections in order of importance. This feature adds more accessibility to your account.

Easily Manage Your IoT Sensor Network Locations

Think we’re done? We’ve launched a new feature: Locations. It will replace Networks for new users. While long-time users will still have access to Networks and Locations. Finally, a way to add sub-accounts and tiers without calling customer service.

Build a secure hierarchy adding sub-Locations and multiple tiers as needed, along with an added layer of security with permissions and access. The side navigation bar has never been this exciting.

  • Use an enhanced feature set for managing multiple sub-accounts or locations.
  • Create a sub-account and assign a parent from your updated dashboard.
  • Streamline adding and paying for iMonnit subscriptions.
  • Experience greater data security.
  • Create multiple tiers with unique permissions and access levels.
  • Monitor different groups of sensors within each sub-location.
  • Get started by creating a Location and linking your gateways and sensors to your Location.

Log in and see the difference—streamlined and sleek. We know you require more from your IoT app, and iMonnit delivers.

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