Monnit News Briefs June 2023

June 2023 Monnit News Briefs

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Monnit Korea and HDC Labs Create Synergistic Technology Partnership

new business partnership

Leaders of Monnit, Monnit Korea, and HDC Labs recently met in Seoul to announce a memorandum of understanding (MoU), forming a partnership between Monnit Korea and HDC Labs. The agreement creates synergy and promotes the common interests of both companies to add technology to space through exchanges and cooperation in building comprehensive management projects.

Within the partnership:

  • Monnit Korea provides its Internet of Things (IoT) real-time control platform based on facility management (FM) systems and wireless sensor technology.
  • HDC Labs seeks to increase the value of space through innovative technology and risk management by applying state-of-the-art IT solutions and quality management capabilities of its Facility Management KS No. 1.

Monnit Korea and HDC Labs plan to expand the market for each other. The partnership helps Monnit Korea strengthen the competitiveness of HDC Labs through detailed technical proposals for integrated control system projects. HDC Labs will contribute to growing marketing channels for Monnit Korea’s IoT solution.

Tech News

Get Ready to Experience the New iMonnit

new features in iMonnit

You’ll soon notice iMonnit’s cleaner look and new functionality. We’re putting the finishing touches on a new main dashboard. A new Locations feature will also debut, allowing you to add sub-accounts and multiple permissions and access tiers. All without calling support.

The Locations feature replaces Networks on the left main menu for new users who log in after the update. Current users will still have access to Networks and see all of their data. You can expect these new navigation features and Internet of Things (IoT) network management enhancements to streamline how you use iMonnit, whether on your mobile device or PC.

new locations in iMonnit
Easily Manage Your IoT Sensor Network Locations
  • Use an enhanced feature set for managing multiple sub-accounts or locations.
  • Create a sub-account on your own.
  • Streamline adding and paying for iMonnit subscriptions.
  • Experience greater data security.
  • Create multiple tiers with unique permissions and access levels.
Match the New Dashboard to Your Monitoring Priorities

You can quickly scan your account and organize the new iMonnit main dashboard cards with charts and data according to your preferences. The cards collapse and expand on the iMonnit Mobile App. Enhancements to the dashboard include:

  • Sensors—See how many are Active, Alerting, Warning, and Offline.
  • Gateways—A pie chart shows how many are Active, Alerting, Warning, and Offline.
  • Account Information—This card features Premiere subscriptions, credit thresholds, user details, and account notifications.
  • Recent Reports—Your last five reports will populate here. Easily see Last Run lists and dates.
  • Sensor List—Review a listing of each sensor by unique name and status. Every sensor listed is a hotlink taking you quickly to the Sensor History page.
  • Rules Triggered—Watch your Rules, both Acknowledged and Unacknowledged.
  • Favorites—Add anything you want and arrange it in order of importance as a customizable quick link, like sensors, gateways, or maps.
Query our Knowledgebase about iMonnit.

Tech Tip

How to Install the iMonnit Mobile App

how to install the iMonnit mobile app

There’s no need to go to smartphone app stores to download the iMonnit Mobile App. It’s easy to download this Progressive Web App (PWA) directly from Monnit.

This Monnit Knowledgebase article walks you through the steps to follow, including:

  1. Install on an iOS Device
  2. Install on an Android Device
  3. Access the Mobile App Download Link

After this streamlined download process, you have fast, secure access to the iMonnit Mobile App or PWA. There are many benefits to using a PWA, including:

  • Compact—Takes less than 1% of the space required for a native app.
  • Auto Sync—Updates are automatic and immediately appear.
  • Secure—Works only through HTTPs, so your data is encrypted during transmission.
  • Direct Download—Meets high-quality, direct accessibility standards that don’t require App Store or Google Play Store access.
  • Multi-Platform—Delivers the same experience across any mobile device.
  • Supports iOS—Runs on iOS version 11.3 to present.
  • Fast Access—Download, add to the home screen, open, and use.

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