About Monnit Corporation

About Monnit

Monnit Corporation was established to capitalize on the emerging trend of connecting to, monitoring and controlling machines and other “things” in our environment. Our backgrounds in technology creation, manufacturing, marketing and sales provide us with the talents and skills needed to establish the foundation to be THE low cost wireless sensor partner of choice.

Culture:  Simply said, we believe “The Little Red Hen” to be the best business guide for developing a successful company. Show up, work, get along, be accountable for all you do and have fun while reaping the rewards of your efforts. Work isn’t our life, but a means to enjoying success with our loved ones and sharing with those in need.

Monnit will be here for you during business hours (8:00 - 5:00 MST) but not 24/7. We want our associates to have lives outside of work. Happy Monnit associates make for happy Monnit customers. Unique to Monnit is our belief that automated phone systems are “evil.” There is a rule within the company called “The Three Ring Rule.” It means when you call Monnit, the phone will not ring more than three times before a live person answers the phone. It might be the shipping clerk, it might be an engineer, it might even be the CEO you initially speak to, but you will speak to a human.

Philanthropy:   Monnit routinely contributes time and resources to those in need. For more information on Monnit's philanthropic efforts, please contact info@monnit.com.

Team:  Our Monnit team consists of industry veterans and creative, energetic associates that are enthusiastic about our company's goals, and dedicated to providing the best products and service to our customers and partners.

Founder:  Monnit was founded by our CEO, Brad Walters, a successful, active, serial entrepreneur and investor in the Intermountain West. Brad was a founder of Maxstream Inc., a successful wireless tech company that was first to bring a ZigBee module to market, and which was later sold to Digi International Inc. in 2006. He was also a founder of Lineo Inc. which was the first embedded Linux company. Brad and his past companies have been recognized for excellence in products and business practices, by winning various awards, some of which are listed below.

Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Ernst and Young Entrepreneur
of the Year

Technology Category - 2006
Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company

Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies
Twice Recognized

MountainWest Capital - Emerging Elite

MountainWest Capital
Emerging Elite

Twice Recognized

Utah Innovation Award

Utah Innovation Awards
Twice Recognized