What Gateway is Right for Me?

Browse the table below to determine what gateway work best for your needs

Connection Type Network Connected Locally Connected
Gateway Cellular Ethernet EDGE USB Serial Modbus
iMonnit Online Enable Yes Yes No Yes No
Enterprise On-Prem Enabled Yes Yes No Yes No
Express Enabled Yes Yes No Yes No
3rd Party Software Enabled Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internet Protocol UDP TCP TCP/MQTTs TCP n/a
Embedded Gateway Configuration No Yes Yes No Yes
Embedded Sensor Configuration No No Yes No Yes
Encryption EncryptRF EncryptRF TLS 1.2 No No
Connection Infrastructure Cell Tower Ethernet Cable Ethernet Cable Computer Serial Port
Battery Backup Yes No No No No
Available Data Interfaces Proprietary Proprietary/ Modbus
MQTTs/ Embedded   HTTP Proprietary Serial Modbus
Outdoor Use or Wet Conditions Yes1 No No No No
Onboard Data Storage 32K 32K 5000/sensor 5K 1/sensor
Power Options 5V @ 1A 5V @ 1A / PoE Available 5V @ 3A USB 4.5-36.0 VDC @ 500mA2

1Industrial housing only

2Input Voltage Range 4.5 - 36.0 VDC. Minimum Current Required 100mA (500mA Recommended)

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