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Monnit Temperature Sensor Summer Jobs:
Protecting our protectors. Keeping the cold. Biting back.

The dog days of summer are here, and with them, vehicle interior temps that hit 172 degrees when it’s 100 degrees outside. Hot cars are always a concern—General Motors found that even when it’s 80 degrees, a parked car’s interior can reach 99 degrees in 10 minutes.

So this summer, Monnit Wireless Temperature Sensors are riding with law enforcement, helping protect K-9 officers from heat. If in-cab temps surpass user-defined thresholds, the handler is alerted.

Yes, temperature monitoring has gone to the dogs. With summer being peak for K-9 unit monitoring, Monnit was inspired to share other unique summer jobs for our tried-and-trusted IoT sensors.

Grabbing a cold one:
beer cooler monitoring

Strolling into a C-store’s frosty walk-in beer cave is a great summer pleasure. As you enjoy 32-degrees of bliss, Monnit temperature sensors are checking for product-damaging cold spots or sudden spikes that point to open doors, degraded seals, or declining machine health.

Toasting to starry summer skies: wine storage monitoring

Earthy and complex, wine is a satisfying sunset sip. To ensure integrity, Monnit Wireless Temperature Sensors are paired with wine along the chain of custody from vineyard to decanter. Keen retailers and restaurant sommeliers rely on temperature sensors to protect irreplaceable inventory, their reputations, and the premiums that wine commands.

Besting the biters: bed bug remediation

Sometimes—even in summer—hotter is better. While difficult to stop, bed bugs can’t survive extreme heat. So, exterminators rely on Monnit Temperature Sensors when strategically heating a facility, like a hotel, to 134 degrees. Deployed throughout, wireless sensors let techs know where to turn up the heat for effective remediation.

This summer, Monnit Temperature Sensors are hard at work wherever temperatures are extreme.

Worried about the heat spoiling inventory or stressing machinery and sensitive processes?

Call (801) 561-5555 or email—let’s beat the heat together.

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July 23, 2019 Monnit Rolls Out Dual-Mode Wireless Vehicle Detector/Counter
July 16, 2019 Monnit Now Includes a Signal Booster with All 3G Gateways
July 10, 2019 Monnit Releases New ALTA Advanced Vibration Meter
July 10, 2019 Monnit Launches Waterproof Water Detection Puck Sensor
Apr 30, 2019 Monnit’s Superior Hardware Claims 2019 Best of State Award
Apr 29, 2019 Monnit Launches All-New Ethernet Gateway with Increased Data Format Options
Apr 26, 2019 Monnit Announces 25-month NIST Cert. for Wireless Temperature Sensors


Monnit Web Special


Waterproof Water Detection: New Form Factor, New Possibilities

Monnit's new sealed Water Detection Puck Sensor gives you complete freedom to deploy wherever you need to detect water breaches. The puck sensor was designed to simplify water intrusion monitoring in:

  • Crawl spaces
  • Sub-floor areas
  • Basements
  • Elevator shafts
  • Anywhere water damage is a threat to valuable materials, machinery, or electronics
The ALTA Wireless Water Detection Puck Sensor detects when water is present by completing the circuit between two probe points on the bottom of the puck sensor. The integrated magnetic power switch enables you to turn off the sensor when not in use, conserving battery life. The versatile sensor can be set to detect either the presence or non-presence of water.

When water is present, the sensor will immediately trigger a text, email, or call alert—based on user-defined settings. The data is also stored in the iMonnit online system and can be reviewed and exported as a datasheet or graph. ALTA Wireless Water Detection Puck Sensor Features:
  • Fully waterproof
  • Immediately detects presence or non-presence of water
  • Magnetic power switch conserves battery when the sensor is not in use
  • Free iMonnit basic online wireless sensor monitoring and notification system to configure sensors, view data and set text and email alerts

Detect water breaches anywhere you need to with the Monnit Water Detection Puck Sensor!

Learn more about the ALTA Wireless Water Detection Puck Sensor

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"This product has proven its dependability. As a critical-care-level transport service in the harsh Wisconsin environment, the Monnit system allows us to rapidly recognize risks to our medications and make immediate adjustments."

—Wisconsin Rapids Fire Department


G-Force Has Never Been so Powerful

The G-Force Max & Avg sensor is coming soon to the ALTA platform. This new sensor will harness the benefits of the ALTA platform and receive a G-force-sensor performance boost!

  • The increased range, battery life, and security of ALTA
  • Improved filtering
  • Increased data accuracy
  • Faster sample rates
  • New thresholds for better event triggering

To receive ALTA G-Force Max & Avg. updates contact us at



Automated Laboratory Monitoring: Eliminate Loss &
Gain Time for Innovation

Protecting the time and money you have invested in research or establishing your reputation is essential for any lab. Keeping track of laboratory equipment and samples is a tedious chore and highly vulnerable to human error.

Automate the mundane with Monnit's reliable wireless solutions:

  1. Maintain optimal temperature in coolers to protect samples and automate necessary logging
  2. Prevent unauthorized access to ensure that valuable equipment stays put and that testing procedures aren't compromised
  3. Get power usage analytics that can reveal concerning equipment behavior
Monnit has saved laboratories and pharmacies from the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in research and samples by preventing spoilage and contamination.

With Monnit's cost-effective and easy-to-implement solutions, you can avoid costly loss too. Monitor vital lab parameters from anywhere and get alerts if something needs attention.

Monnit was even highlighted in Medical Lab Management. See the feature here.

Temperature Sensors Monitor temperatures in sample coolers and receive alerts via text, email, or call if temperatures fall out of optimal range
Open-Closed Sensors Get alerted if a sample storage cooler or freezer door is left open or detect unauthorized access to cabinets, areas, or entire labs
AC Current Meters Monitor power usage of lab coolers and equipment to predict issues before failure—preventing downtime and costly damage
Average Cost $600-$1000 for a gateway and 4-8 sensors
Typical Setup Time Less than 15 minutes
Battery Life 12+ years (using 2 AAs)
Cost Savings Thousands of dollars—by detecting simple cooler issues before failure

All Monnit wireless sensors come with free basic online monitoring, allowing you to view sensor information anytime from anywhere. Receive instant notifications via text or email if a user-defined condition is met or exceeded.

Protect your research investment and sample inventory with Monnit Wireless Sensors!

Learn more about remote monitoring solutions for labs

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