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  optional antennas for wireless sensors

High Gain Antennas

Optimal Coverage. Reliable Performance.

We offer two Monnit-compatible high-gain antennas for use in various wireless sensor networking environments. Our antenna options provide optimal data communications performance.

The Monnit High Gain Puck Antenna and our 5.1 dBi High Gain Rubber Duck Dipole Antenna deliver superior, industry-leading reliability and cover multiple data frequencies.

Two Antennas with Versatile Options

Low-Profile Puck Antenna

  • 1–3 decibels relative to an isotropic radiator (dBi)
  • Transmission over 900 and 868 megahertz (MHz) bands
  • Protected enclosure and waterproof
  • Reverse Polarity-SubMiniature Version A (RP-SMA) male connector

Rubber Duck Dipole Antenna

  • 5.1 dBi
  • Omnidirectional transmission over 900–930 MHz bands
  • Vertical and multi-angle tilt-and-swivel movement
  • RP-SMA connector

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