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Advanced EDGE Gateway

Award-winning computing at the EDGE

The multiple award-winning Advanced EDGE Gateway aggregates data from feature-rich Monnit Wireless Sensors to mainstream cloud providers, such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, or IBM Watson. Coupling the prominent MQTTS protocol and the IoT’s broadest sensor range, Monnit’s Edge Gateway fulfills a key IoT mission of making deployments more agile and productive.

The Edge Gateway features a step-by-step guided, multilingual web interface for configuring and managing Monnit Wireless Sensors, as well as designating MQTT brokers. As the Ethernet-based gateway receives sensor data, the gateway “fingerprints” the data with a cryptographic validation stamp. This authenticated data is then transmitted to a cloud broker (or multiple brokers), where it arrives in a standard format. The Edge Gateway’s integrated macros enable data configuration in virtually any format, such as JSON or XML, making it a powerful tool for data analysis and action.

Edge Gateway Features:

  • Scalability: One gateway accommodates up to 100 wireless sensors
  • Robust processing: Linux® UBUNTU™ ARM-based processing platform
  • Locally Hosted: Self-hosted iMonnit Express V4.0.2.0 user interface
  • Security: Data authentication via unique cryptographic validation “fingerprint”
  • Redundancy: Data transmission to multiple cloud providers or MQTT servers, ensuring operational reliability in the event of server failure

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Advanced Edge Gateway Wins 2020 IoT Innovations Award
Advanced Edge Gateway Wins A 2020 Leap Award



  • Sensor data collection for later analysis, to identify bounds, trends and patterns in sensed conditions (temperature, humidity, light, vibration, etc.)
  • Alarm applications, e.g. where sensed conditions exceed predefined limits.
  • Redundant/high availability delivery of sensor data, potentially using Cloud providers of different types.
  • Secure delivery of sensor data over MQTTS.
  • Machine learning applications, e.g. for development of behavioral models of various kinds.
  • Wide distribution of sensor data to multiple consumers.
  • Verification of the source, times and content of sensor data from a particular gateway, through cryptographic validation stamps applied by the gateway.

Which Gateway is Right For Me?

  • Ethernet: Allows you to add remote monitoring capabilities using your existing IT infrastructure and ISP.
  • Cellular: Multiple cellular options to enable monitoring what’s important anywhere. Ideal for remote locations and areas with challenging IT environments.
  • Advanced EDGE: This award-winning gateway aggregates data from feature-rich Monnit Wireless Sensors to any cloud provider. Integrated macros enable data configuration in virtually any format, such as JSON or XML
To view additional connectivity options, and feature comparisons visit our Gateway Comparison page.

How Monnit Sensors Work

How Monnit Sensors Work

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