Monnit Mine in use

Monnit Mine

Monnit Mine™ is an open software platform that provides the ability to integrate Monnit wireless sensors and gateways with your own software system. Monnit wireless gateways can be unlocked, allowing them to be directed to a custom host or IP address, where an installation of Monnit Mine works as a translation application between Monnit wireless sensors networks and existing or custom software applications.

Standard License

  • No reselling of software to other entities (license is per instance)
  • Can not be used with devices or software not controlled and owned by purchasing company

Want to test it out or develop prior to purchase? You can download the Monnit Mine™ software now to test or develop with, and purchase the Reseller License when you are ready to deploy.

Which Software is Right For Me?

  • Cloud: Turnkey remote monitoring solutions ready for you to view, control, and act—from anywhere.
  • On-Premises: Flexible self-hosted sensor management software. On-site database meets sensitive data and usage requirements that prevent cloud access.
To view all software options and feature comparisons, visit our Software Comparison page.

How Monnit Sensors Work

how Monnit remote monitoring works


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