Replacing the 3.6V Industrial Battery with Pin Connector in an ALTA Industrial Sensor

ALTA Industrial Sensors use a single AA RAMWAY ER14505M 3.6V Industrial AA Lithium Thionyl Chloride, 1500mAh non-rechargeable battery. While these batteries generally offer enough voltage to operate the sensor for years, battery depletion can occur more rapidly due to configurations or environmental conditions. Find steps for replacing this battery in this article if it is depleted.

Sensor - Industrial Battery View
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  1. Power off the sensor by pressing the power button for approximately three seconds until the button LED flashes red.
  2. Remove the sensor top by unscrewing the four top screws (#2 Phillips), then lift the lid up and off the enclosure base.
  3. The battery is shrink-wrapped and wired with a pin connector; grab the wire pair from the battery near the base of the connector and pull straight up and out firmly while pushing down on the foam inside the sensor enclosure.
    Sensor - Retrieve Industrial Battery
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    Sensor - Industrial Battery Pin Removal
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    Sensor - Industrial Battery Removed
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  1. The battery connector is keyed, so it can only be installed in one direction.
    Sensor - Industrial Battery Pin
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  2. Align the key tabs and push the connector into the slot firmly.
    Sensor - Industrial Install Pin
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    Sensor - Industrial Pin Installed
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  3. Lay the battery across the foam inside the enclosure as indicated, ensuring the battery and battery wires are away from the sealing edge of the enclosure wall.
    Sensor - Industrial Battery on Foam
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  4. Place the lid back on the enclosure.
  5. Tighten the four machine screws using a #2 bit to 0.9 Nm / 7.9 in-lbs. Tighten each screw about 75%, then gradually tighten the rest of the way using a cross pattern over three or more loops.

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