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Troubleshooting Steps for a Sensor Not Coming Online

What to do if sensor returns a reading with "Hardware Failure".

Information on what devices are needed for a wireless sensor network

Information on how to turn off a notification or alert

Information on repeated data in the sensor history

What happens to the data from a wireless sensor network if the power to the MonnitLinkā„¢ Wireless Gateway is off or disrupted?

As a Premiere user, you can have Monnit push the sensor readings from iMonnitĀ® to your database with our external configuration tool. This tool allows you to pass data from your wireless sensor network devices to another service in real time. This is done by coding the data into a URL query, then sending the data via HTTP get request at the time data is received. There is an extensive list of parameters that can be passed, allowing you to send detailed information about both the data and the sensor.

Information on what to download and install when using a USB gateway.

Information on text messages and associated fees/charges.

Information on how long it takes to receive a notification from iMonnit.