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As a Premiere user, you can have Monnit push the sensor readings from iMonnit® to your database with our external configuration tool. This tool allows you to pass data from your wireless sensor network devices to another service in real time. This is done by coding the data into a URL query, then sending the data via HTTP get request at the time data is received. There is an extensive list of parameters that can be passed, allowing you to send detailed information about both the data and the sensor.

Guide to creating a webhook.

Follow the following steps to fully remove the Enterprise Installation from a computer. This is useful if you are continuing to have issues while installing Enterprise. Follow these steps ONLY if you are intending to perform a full reinstall.

Frequently Asked Questions

How a Monnit Wireless sensor network is architected.

The following steps will guide you through the process of exporting your sensor data to a CSV file and help you understand the format of the data file.

Wireless Sensors Support - Downloads

This is a glossary of frequently used terms and phrases with their definitions.

Editing Sensor Settings. Sensor Availability, Gateway Lag and Network Stability.

This document was created to illustrate how to explain the difference between STS and State in the exported data of a sensor. It can also help determine the reason for specific error codes which are used and the different states that a sensor can be in.