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  • ALTA Food Probe - Curved Probe
ALTA Food Probe - Curved Probe

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The Curved Probe comes included with your ALTA Wireless Food Probe. This stainless steel accessory measures food temperatures -50.0°C to 260.0°C (-58.0°F to 500.0°F) and has a lead made from nickel clad copper wires.


Temperature Operating Range -50.0°C to 260.0°C (-58.0°F to 500.0°F)
Accuracy ± 0.5° C (± 0.90° F)
Calibrated Accuracy with Appropriate Offset ± 0.3° C (± 0.54° F)
Resolution 0.1° C (0.1° F)
Response Time Still Air: 30 Seconds, Water: 2 Seconds**
Weight 0.64 oz (18 g)
Dimension 54.25 inches x .25 inches
Lead Wire Length 48 inches
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