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  • iMonnit Enterprise Trial
iMonnit Enterprise Trial

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iMonnit Enterprise Trial for 10 Sensors

  • 60 day free evaluation
  • Works with up to 10 wireless sensors
  • Installed on your company's computer servers*
  • Includes notification via SMS text and email (requires SMTP server)
  • Export sensor data to CSV format
  • No Support Included
    Support can purchased separately if needed.
Minimum System Requirements
  • Windows Server ®, 2 GB RAM, 2.0GHz Processor, ASP.NET Framework v4.5
  • Web Server, IIS 7, ASP.Net MVC Framework v4.0
  • SQL Server ® 2008 or Newer (Database Server)

Note: In order for gateways to be programmed for communication with your iMonnit Enterprise installation location, the gateways will need to be unlocked. You can purchase unlock codes for your gateway(s) here.

Full License Pricing
License for using up to 50 wireless sensors - $99 (Annual)
License for using up to 250 wireless sensors - $599*
License for using up to 2,000 wireless sensors - $4,495*
License for using unlimited wireless sensors - Please Call
* A maintenance fee of 20% can be paid annually for new updates.

Installation Recommendations
We recommend that you have a resource familiar with Microsoft stack server deployments. This resource should understand IIS website configuration, SQL Server Management, and Windows Services. This could be a System Administrator, Developer, DBA or someone with similar experience.

If you do not have access to a resource, Monnit provides the following installation support options;

  • Complete Enterprise Installation - $400 (One time fee)
    Note: To utilize this service we will need temporary administrative remote access to the server.
  • Enterprise Installation Support - $200 (2hr increments)

After Installation Recommendations
When your database growth exceeds 100k data records we recommend you have at minimum a contract in place with a DBA to evaluate the system for optimization and query tuning on an as needed basis.

When your database growth exceeds 10 million data records we recommend you have a DBA consistently evaluate the system for optimizations.

If you prefer, Monnit provides the following database maintenance support options;

  • One time evaluation to configure initial DB maintenance - $1000
    Note: Required before annual contract starts. Includes Backup strategy and scheduling, initial tuning, automated maintenance, etc.
  • Less than 100K records tuning twice a year - $600 annual (response time 5 business days)
  • 100K – 1M records tuning four times per year - $1000 annual (response time 5 business days)
  • 1M – 10M records tuning monthly - $2400 annual (response time 2 business days)
  • 10M + records - Call for pricing

    Costs are based on an estimated time of 1-2 hours per tuning session.

Note: The current version of Monnit Enterprise works with all Monnit wireless sensors except for the following:

  • Wireless Pressure Meters
  • Wireless Pressure Meters
  • Wireless Duct Temperature Sensors
  • Wireless Quad Temperature Sensors
  • Wireless AC Current Meters
  • Wireless Vibration Meters

We will be releasing an updated version of our software in the near future.


Notifications Supported SMS text message, email, voice phone call or Monnit local alert
Minimum Heartbeat (Sensor Check-in) 1 Second
Number of Sensor Networks Supported Unlimited
Number of Sensors Supported Unlimited
Number of Gateways Supported Unlimited
Number of Users Supported Unlimited
Sensor Data History Unlimited
System Requirements Windows Server, Web Server IIS 7, ASP.Net 4.0
Minimum: 2GB Ram, 2.0 GHz Processor
Recommended: 4 GB RAM, 2x2.0 GHz Processor
SQL Server 2008 or Newer (Database Server)

Suggested Application Uses for This Sensor

  • Self Hosted Wireless Sensor Monitoring
  • Remote Monitoring Behind a Corporate Firewall