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Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions for Convenience Stores.

Monnit Wireless Sensor Solutions for Convenience Stores

Monnit has designed a simple, easy to install wireless sensor solution for C-Store operators and managers. Whether you are a small operator or a national organization, Monnit can meet your deployment needs with off-the-shelf solutions, or help you create a low cost sensor solution to meet your requirements.

With Monnit wireless sensors, you can know about issues before they become problems. For example:

  • Rising cooler temperatures can ruin the shelf life of perishables like ice cream, milk, beer and juice. Installing a high accuracy temperature sensor inside of your coolers and freezers lets you know instantly if the units are malfunctioning or the door(s) aren’t completely closed.
  • Increase efficiency and revenue by using button sensors programmed to notify repair contractor that revenue generating machinery (i.e. car washes) is down.
  • Install water and temperature sensors around water heaters, valves or restrooms.
  • Use an open/close sensor for back or side doors, monitoring unauthorized access.
  • Monitor the temperature of your warming racks, hot dog roller machines and other food prep systems.
  • Use a push button sensor in bathrooms to notify staff of need for servicing.

Return on Investment
We understand that convenience stores operate on thin margins, so identifying a problem early can save you thousands in the end; melted ice cream, spoiled milk, melted ice, inoperable car wash. What does it cost to replace that inventory, or have a money making machine out of service?

Identify Problems Early
With Monnit’s line of wireless sensors, you can know about problems before, or as they happen rather than waiting for them to be accidentally discovered during a shift. Rely less on the human element and more on technology to help you maintain your assets.

Increased Efficiencies
Most C-Stores have one person on staff during any shift which means leaving the cash register isn't an option. What do they do if a customer tells them the beer cooler is warm, or the car wash isn’t operating, or the ice in the freezer is melting? Will they remember to place a call to the service company after they’ve helped the next ten customers?

Make it easy for the store clerk by installing button sensors with preprogrammed associations within reach of the cash register. Car wash down? Clerk pushes the button on sensor one and sends a text message to the car wash repair service, the store manager and corporate headquarters issuing a “Request Repair” message with store location and time stamp. Conduct trend analysis on operation times vs. repair intervals from data collected by the Monnit system.

Low Cost & Simple Installation
Wireless sensor technology has come a long way in the last ten years. What used to cost fifty, even a hundred dollars per sensor to achieve can be done at a fraction of the cost. Monnit’s wireless sensor technology starts at $49/sensor and includes FREE basic iMonnit online sensor monitoring. iMonnit Premiere advanced online monitoring, Monnit Express PC software and Monnit Enterprise server solutions are available for an additional cost.

The best part of Monnit’s sensor technology is its durability and portability. Each sensor comes with a variety of mounting options and can easily be moved from place to place, depending on your needs. (Click here for more detail on how the Monnit Wireless Sensor System works.)

Upon purchasing a Monnit Wireless Sensor Kit you’ll have the necessary base pieces to expand your network in the future. As your sensor needs increase, simply contact a Monnit sales rep and order more sensors. Each sensor, when placed in the desired location initializes and configures itself to the local Monnit network connection, then communicates with the Monnit servers. There is nothing left to do except secure it with the included mounting hardware (screws and double sided tape) and walk away. Simple enough?

View Available Sensors
Monnit makes it easy for you to get started. View our available wireless sensor products.