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Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions for Schools & Churches.

Monnit Wireless Sensor Solutions for Schools & Churches

Schools and churches cost millions of dollars to construct. Maintaining them efficiently, yet cost effectively presents its own unique set of challenges: each building enters a period of time when it is not in use. In our cash strapped economy it makes sense to expend as little human resource manually monitoring areas of buildings that could be monitored more efficiently by sensors.

Monnit has developed a wireless sensor solution for education facilities and churches to know instantly when a problem arises. For example:

  • Place water sensors near water heaters, boilers, radiators, or other areas where water should never be present. Minimize potential damage to tile, wood floors, masonry, carpet, etc. Monitor pressurized water inlets or junctures for blowouts.
  • Avoid frozen pipes by using temperature sensors to notify you before damage occurs. Never get caught with burst pipes as the result of a boiler malfunction.
  • Use local light sensors to monitor light output in parking lots, path and walkways, reducing hazards that can lead to costly litigation.
  • Install open/close sensors to notify of unwanted access to the building through doors and windows not monitored by the security system.
  • Monitor vibration on HVAC blowers and receive notifications before they unbalance and tear themselves apart.

Measureable ROI
Save your schools and churches money by installing wireless sensors. They do the monitoring job (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) traditionally done by maintenance crews - when time allows. And when no one is on site, you and your maintenance engineer will be notified immediately if something should happen off hours or off season. No longer deal with a crisis after it has happened – know the minute it happens and reduce the cost of repairs and/or renovations.

Remote Monitoring
A more efficient and cost effective way to manage assets is through remote management with wireless sensors and online service. Know immediately when something goes wrong with a school or church, even when no one is on property.

Easy Installation
Monnit’s wireless sensor kits are ready to go out of the box – anyone can install the sensor network; no technical experience necessary. Simply pull the sensors out of the box, place in the desired location and turn them on. (Click here for more detail on how the Monnit Wireless Sensor System works.)

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