Surpass convenience in your C store

As of December 31, 2016, the Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing (NACS) Fact Sheets tells us the U.S. convenience store count increased to a record 154,535 stores, a 0.2 percent increase (340 stores) from the year prior, according to the latest NACS/Nielsen Convenience Industry Store Count.


Here is the context. You’re a C Store chain owner, which means you know about credit card fees and time-consuming debit holds for unpaid fuel bills. You’re in the business of providing quality goods in the least amount of time at a fair price.

A word on surpassing C Store values in the premium food game from Quick-service and Fast-Casual Restaurant News (QSR) asks: Is your C Store a threat to restaurants? 

This has you now thinking ‘food-forward,’ after reading a comment from NPD Group food-service industry analyst, Bonnie Riggs, “C Stores are here to stay as a competitor to quick-service restaurants.”

C Stores have been in the business of providing fresh, prepared foods for years, and that NACS bit you just read now urges your response to rapidly accelerating demand for sublimely tasty C Store food. The best decisions are well-fed decisions.

This fiercely competitive market demands your guest experiences surpass the next level. But is there a useable, common cents, adaptable solution?

Yes, there is a comprehensive, low-cost, remote monitoring solution for C Stores. That’s where that especially nice word surpass and IoT come in.

C Store Advantage

Buyer experience can be improved using the renewed efficiency IoT provides. The menu is written ‘on the C Store wall,’ dear owners. In short, you owe these improvements not only to your beloved customers, but also to your enterprising-minded selves.

Also noteworthy: C Store beer sales account for 30 percent of all beer sold in the U.S. The Internet of Things can help you prime that appetite by elevating customer experience. How’s that for opportunity to bank better customer experience?

C Stores must surpass mere fuel stations who sell food incidentally, to become food retailers that also sell gas.

Remote Monitoring Solutions can help you tap thirsty, pick-up business using IoT applications whose data insights using a remote monitoring solution for C Stores, can lead to real operational improvements that mean better customer experience. Call it preventive enhancement.

IoT applications for C Stores include everything from sensor-enabled kitchens that make menu and food service updates more efficient, to temperature or vibration sensors that efficiently maintain HVAC systems, coolers and refrigeration units to ensure product excellence, and an appropriate environment for maximum guest satisfaction.

“With the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), detailed monitoring, record keeping and reporting of food temperatures for commercial food producers and suppliers, including convenience stores, will be critical. Connected store equipment can provide real-time updates of temperature and other necessary data for compliance with new food safety regulations.” (Convenience Store Decisions)

Call to Surpass Convenience

It’s time you surpassed convenience in your C Stores using a cost-saving, easy-to-use Internet of Things (IoT) solution. I won’t kid you, I especially mean, by using the remote monitoring solutions for C Stores kind, from Monnit, the leader in low-cost, remote monitoring solutions. Practical improvement beginning with every customer smile.

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