Monnit Puts a New Puck in Its Water Detection Sensor Lineup

new white water detect puck

SALT LAKE CITY – November 18, 2021 – Monnit announced today the launch of its new white version of the award-winning ALTA® Wireless Water Detection Puck Sensor. The Water Detection Puck’s fully enclosed, waterproof, and new white design is ideal for hospitals, clinics, labs, and other facilities needing sensing devices and other equipment to work more discreetly behind the scenes.

Goalies use a white hockey puck as a training tool to help improve their focus, coordination, and reaction time. In contrast, with the white Water Detection Puck Sensor, people can focus more on their activities than the potentially distracting details within their environments. Facility managers can work confidently, knowing the Puck Sensor will instantly alert them if it detects a water leak, flood, or pooling.

The sensor’s:

  • Radio, hardware, and magnetic power switch are sealed and protected inside the nearly indestructible vulcanized rubber puck
  • Thin antenna projects out of the top to help communicate data 1,200 feet through 12+ walls, if required
  • Two probe points on the bottom detect the presence or non-presence of water and other liquids

Facility maintenance managers can easily handle the Water Detection Puck Sensor setup and placement in 15 minutes or less. Just drop the Puck Sensor to face off against water leaks in restrooms, basements, data centers, boiler rooms, crawl spaces, subfloors, kitchens, and more. You can also place the Water Detection Puck Sensor in a trough, tank, or container to detect if water or other liquid is out.

Additional Features of the Water Detection Puck Sensor:

  • With the integrated magnetic power switch, you can turn it off when it’s not in use, conserving battery life.
  • When water is present or not, the sensor will immediately send a text, email, or call alert—based on user-defined settings.
  • The iMonnit cloud-based sensor management system stores the sensor’s trend and alert data so you can review it on a dashboard, export it, and integrate it into an external data system.

Monnit also offers the ALTA Water Detect+ and Water Rope Sensors within our Wireless Water Detection Sensor Family.

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The origin story of the Internet of Things (IoT) begins with Monnit. Before our inception in 2010, our founder was already at the forefront of embedding technology into machines and devices to make them talk, delivering valuable data to business leaders. After more than a decade, Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions for virtually any industry use case deliver 25 billion data points in more than 85 countries for 45,000 customers. Monnit’s 80+ IoT sensors remotely monitor temperature, light, humidity, water, vibration, and more. You can analyze data using iMonnit cloud software and get alerts via email, text, or call when our sensors detect a change you need to know.

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