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Use Wireless Sensors to Monitor Boiler and HVAC System Performance

Keeping temperatures in your building comfortable year-round can sometimes put your heating and cooling systems to the ultimate test. Often, we take them for granted and assume that our facility’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems will work without any problems.

Like other mechanical equipment and systems, your furnaces, HVAC units, and boilers are at risk of malfunctioning or completely failing. If you’ve experienced problems with this in the past, you know how expensive surprise maintenance calls for breakdowns and failures can be, especially if not caught in a timely manner.

Luckily, that’s where we come in. Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions can help you not only be reactive to alerts on your mobile device, but we can also help you predict the need for HVAC system maintenance and schedule downtime for service when it’s convenient.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Changed Virtually Everything for Facility Managers and HVAC Technicians

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It’s common for facility managers of hotels, retail outlets, apartment complexes, offices buildings, or other buildings to experience HVAC system problems. Whether it’s boiler kettling, a leaky duct, mechanical wear and tear, a dirty filter or condenser, or one of many other issues, facility and property managers and HVAC technicians have dealt with it. They’ve seen that if there are fluctuating temperatures, current surges, or humidity around your machinery, for example, HVAC systems run a higher risk of costly malfunctioning or failure.

Common HVAC issues of the past:

  • Problems were difficult to detect in advance, let alone solve with semiannual and annual HVAC maintenance or service checks.
  • If you didn’t hire maintenance teams to do regular checks on these systems, some problems were inevitable.
  • However, maintenance and service checks are often ineffective and expensive when replacing parts in advance of a malfunction or failure, as problems can arise at any moment.
  • Some HVAC issues are common and have been around for so long that many people and business managers became complacent, making these variable costs mandatory.

Then, along came the IoT, and suddenly everything changed.

The HVAC IoT Solution

With IoT sensors, you can monitor virtually everything about an HVAC system, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs and damages. However, the available HVAC IoT solutions were too expensive and difficult to use for a long time. This has since changed with Monnit’s affordable remote monitoring solution, making it easy to monitor all of your HVAC machinery and systems at once, from anywhere, at any time.

HVAC Use Case Summary

IoT monitoring sensors


  • Boilers and AC units must maintain a specific temperature, humidity, and electrical current level for safe, reliable, effective operation.
  • In the winter, boilers are especially at risk. And in the summer months, AC units are put to the test.
  • Commercial boiler units can cost hundreds of dollars on average to fix and cost up to thousands to replace.
  • Property and facility managers with several boilers know how quickly those costs can add up.



  • Rather than pay for costly calendar maintenance, where there may not be any problems to fix, our IoT solution is always on and is accessible from anywhere, providing you with peace of mind.

The Advantages of HVAC System Monitoring

how to install sensors to monitor a boiler

The Advantages of Boiler Performance Monitoring

Overheating boilers may lead to HVAC system and facility damage, and malfunctioning boilers decrease efficient output causing operational issues. Boiler efficiency monitoring can help improve their performance and lifespan.

A Monnit wireless monitoring solution provides boiler performance efficiency and condition data by using wireless sensors to monitor various aspects of boiler operation. This helps save operational costs and provides alerts for proactive responses with predictive maintenance before unpredicted breakdowns.

Monnit Boiler Monitoring Sensors

Strengthen Your Competitive Advantage With HVAC IoT Solutions

Problems arising from HVAC machinery failure not only negatively affect your bottom line but your reputation as well. You can save time and money by using an IoT solution that automatically monitors your facilities so you can focus on what matters most: growing and improving your business.

With an optimized remote monitoring solution in place, you also add significant value to your property. Residents, clients, occupants, and your staff will be confident that they’ll be protected from the cold and heat. As a result, you have the unique opportunity to enhance your competitive advantage and a solid reputation to build on.

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