Monnit News Briefs April 2024

Monnit News Briefs April 2024

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NFMT 2024—A Showcase for Monnit Smart Facility Solutions

To say a facility manager (FM) wears many hats or has a long, multifaceted job description is an understatement. If there is anyone who needs critical, timely data from the Internet of Things (IoT) to make informed decisions, it’s an FM.

From overseeing building and grounds maintenance to energy conservation and custodial services to security and emergency preparedness, facility management involves numerous essential responsibilities and processes. This is why our exhibiting experience at last month's National Facilities Management & Technology (NFMT) trade show was successful.

We met with hundreds of NFMT attendees—facilities managers, building owners, property managers, and supporting vendors like disaster remediation, pest control, and HVAC companies—who are interested in our breadth of 80+ wireless IoT sensors to monitor nearly everything in a facility of any type.

Tim and Matt of the Monnit Sales and Support Teams said our “Make Any Facility a Smart Facility” message was a hit with attendees. The two shared that everyone they talked with wanted to stay updated on smart or connected facility trends and technologies like Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions for Facility Management.

Specifically, attendees wanted to know about:

  • Temperature, humidity, and air quality sensors
  • Water intrusion and leak detection
  • Facility and equipment power monitoring
  • Cloud-based iMonnit Monitoring Software
  • Pipeline and HVAC pressure meters
  • Gas detection
  • Smart thermostats
  • Motion and occupancy sensors
  • Open-closed access status sensors
  • And many other sensor types

We’re enjoying reconnecting with the many people we met at NFMT as we help them make their facilities smarter.

Meet Us at Data Center World

We'll be in booth 729 at the Data Center World Conference & Expo in Washington, D.C. from April 15–18. We can help data center managers improve the stability of their digital infrastructure by connecting it and surrounding environmental conditions to the IoT.

Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions for Data Center Management can help you track server rack temperature and humidity, cooling and HVAC systems, server power performance, physical access, water intrusion, and more.

We're excited to share this message with Data Center World attendees.

Sensor Spotlight

Measure PAR Light to Grow Right

PAR light meter sensor

Whether in the field or the greenhouse and grow house, the crop canopy’s photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) should be monitored to optimize plant photosynthesis, growth, and yield. As any horticulturist knows, different plants have varying light needs, so maintaining preferred PAR levels is crucial for healthy plant growth.

Our ALTA® PAR Light Meter measures PAR in photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) and daily light integral (DLI) to help horticulturists, farmers, commercial growers, plant physiologists, and environmental scientists maximize photosynthetic productivity and study the effects of artificial and natural light on plants.

Manage LEDs by Monitoring PAR

Optimizing light is paramount for plant growth in indoor agriculture. PAR coincides with the visible light spectrum—spanning approximately 400 to 700 nanometers. With advancements in LED technology, growers have unprecedented control over PAR levels.

Growers can tailor LEDs to emit specific PAR wavelengths for different plant species and growth stages. LEDs are highly energy-efficient and produce minimal heat, thereby reducing the risk of heat damage to plants and lowering cooling costs.

Boost Greenhouse & Grow House Productivity

In greenhouses and grow houses, where natural sunlight may be insufficient, LED lighting ensures continuous and uniform PAR distribution. Strategically positioning LED fixtures minimizes shadowing effects, ensuring all plants receive optimal light exposure. This precise control enables year-round cultivation, maximizing crop yields and profitability despite external weather conditions.

Smart LED lighting systems equipped with our ALTA PAR Light Meter allow growers to dynamically adjust light intensity, spectrum, and photoperiod based on real-time data. From leafy greens to high-value crops like tomatoes and cannabis, optimizing LED lighting using the Meter improves energy conservation practices and promotes healthier plant growth.

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Tech Tip

How to Interpret Data from Your Soil Moisture Sensor

how to read soil moisture sensor data

Make the best data-driven irrigation decisions by interpreting the ALTA® Soil Moisture Sensor data. It’s crucial to analyze the soil moisture tension and temperature data according to soil type, crop, development stage, trends, and other factors.

This Monnit Knowledgebase article shares a graph to help you identify the parameters to manage soil moisture availability for your crops.

Here are other articles that will help you use the ALTA Soil Moisture Sensor:

These articles' instructions and best practices will help you get the most value from your ALTA Soil Moisture Sensors.


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