Monnit News Briefs July 2023

Monnit News Briefs July 2023

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When Managing Assets, Plan B is as Critical as Plan A

using IoT to manage assets

In our business, when you read a headline that sounds like tires screeching to a stop or makes your heart sink into your stomach, you must read the story: Major Research Lost After Custodian Flips Switch on Lab Freezer.

No matter how often we hear about the tragedy of an ultralow temperature (ULT) or -80°C freezer failing, we feel terrible for the owners and managers of the spoiled assets. Or, in this case, because someone mistakenly turned off a malfunctioning ULT freezer, ruining valuable million-dollar, decades-old research assets, we wholeheartedly wish we could have done something to help.

This was the initial compelling and now enduring idea behind each of our 80+ sensors. We want to provide real-time, actionable data so that you can make critical decisions to solve problems.

Consider the following two ULT freezer monitoring scenarios:

  1. Your plan A to protect valuable assets in a ULT freezer may be to get one with built-in sensors and alarms. Some freezers only have local alarm systems, meaning they may not send an alert to your smartphone. Whether built-in or only local alarming, Monnit can provide a backup monitoring solution for both cases.
  2. You could also get suitable ULT freezers without embedded sensing tech but with added Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions. Either way, we can be your monitoring plan A and plan B.

We’re talking about research lab freezer monitoring, but we can help nearly any industry or use case where primary and backup sensing solutions are essential.

Final thought: Our good friend and neuroscientist, Tamara Stawicki, Ph.D., @StawickiLab, alerted us to this story via Twitter. So follow her lead and do a good deed. Help your friends ensure they put both plans in place.

Read more about it at NBC News.

Tech News

Beta Test Our New ALTA® MultiStage Thermostat

new ALTA MultiStage Thermostat

The new ALTA® MultiStage Thermostat controls conventional, heat pump, and dual fuel HVAC systems with up to three heating and two cooling stages. It features an integrated motion sensor to auto-detect an occupied area or room and enter an energy-saving state when they’re not.

The thermostat is intrinsically tamper-proof since you can only control it via our password-protected iMonnit cloud-based platform. This prevents adjustments by unauthorized parties. The simple front panel interface provides mode and status information via multi-color LEDs.

Easily Manage the Most Common HVAC Systems

  • Remotely set and monitor your HVAC system.
  • Detect motion in occupied/unoccupied modes.
  • Prevent unauthorized adjustments or tampering.
  • Prevent changes with the configuration lockout jumper.
  • Run without a gateway—only required to configure and monitor.

Let us know at the link below if you’d like to be a key part of our beta test for the new thermostat.

Tech Tip

How to Create a New Rule: Device Inactivity Status

creating device inactivity status rules in iMonnit

Do you want alerts on your smartphone when an ALTA Sensor detects a threshold breach? Then, Rules in iMonnit are essential for IoT remote monitoring. The Device Inactivity Status Rule alerts you or a teammate when a sensor is inactive for more than a specific number of minutes.

In the brief How to Create a New Rule: Device Inactivity Status video, you will learn to configure it, like other Rules, in six easy steps:

  1. Create a Rule/Select Device Inactivity Status
  2. Pick a Device
  3. Choose a Condition
  4. Set up Tasks
  5. Name the Rule
  6. Rule Complete
See how to do it. arrow

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