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Two New ALTA Sensors Set to Strengthen Predictive and Real-Time Monitoring Capabilities

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When tracking what your critical operational assets are doing at any given moment, you can better predict how they’ll perform and what maintenance they require. What’s more, if you connect more assets, devices, or systems simultaneously to the Internet of Things (IoT) with one sensor, you can reap the benefits of predictive monitoring and analytics exponentially.

You can achieve that by integrating our new ALTA® 5-Input Dry Contact Sensor and ALTA® Dual Pulse Counter into your operations.

Detect Input from Five Contact Points

Do you have a system, panel, or bank of five contacts that you need to monitor simultaneously? The new ALTA Wireless 5-Input Dry Contact Sensor has five wired inputs to simultaneously monitor five contact points, such as switches, relays, or plates.

You can connect the ALTA 5-Input Dry Contact Sensor to an input bank to monitor a factory, fire, security, control, or HVAC system. Key features of the Sensor include:

  • Detects both closed and open loops for each of the five inputs
  • Delivers no voltage dry contact using a 6-wire (five input lines, one ground line) 3-foot cable
  • Provides extend-capable wires with a 4-inch peel-back cable sheath

Monitor five inputs simultaneously to improve automation and control. Use the actionable data from the ALTA 5-Input Dry Contact Sensor to make more timely decisions about your essential assets, enhancing your operational efficiency.

Count Pulses from Two Output Devices Simultaneously

The new ALTA Wireless Dual Pulse Counter is ideal for industrial and commercial processes where tasks, events, actuations, alerts, contacts, or pulses are repeated many times and must be counted and analyzed. With the Counter connected to two pulse output devices, you can use its two-fold data streams to prompt action.

Connect the ALTA Dual Pulse Counter to two switches, buttons, or dry contacts to track two devices, including:

  • Water, gas, electric, and airflow meters
  • Door or area access
  • Turnstiles and gates
  • Equipment occupancy and use
  • Production lines

Set low-pass filter settings to count from 4 to 1600 Hz. Look at your operations, assess where to integrate the ALTA Dual Pulse Counter, and simultaneously count pulses from two output devices.

Tech News

Plant Readiness and Uptime Win

Monnit wins another IoT award

Monnit and Magnetic Inspection Laboratory (MIL) won again for successfully deploying ALTA Wireless IoT Sensors into MIL’s expansive Chicagoland plant operations. This time, the award-winning case study won the 2024 IoT Evolution IoT Business Impact Award.

The MIL Maintenance Team focuses on ensuring their metal part processing facilities and equipment are ready for scheduled, drive-up, and just-in-time (JIT) orders, and data from ALTA Sensors play an essential role in making that happen.

“Our top priorities are plant, machinery, and equipment readiness and uptime,” said MIL Plant Maintenance Manager Jamie Soderberg. “This is where Monnit IoT Solutions have come through for us. They give us low-cost, high-value options for real-time data tracking and notifications of everything we want. We can make the best, most informed, and timely decisions.”

Take a few minutes to discover how MIL has turned 81+ years into a legacy of serving the aerospace, defense, industrial, medical, and power market sectors.

Learn More About the Award

Asset Tracking Highlights Innovation

Spoiled temperature-sensitive assets can delay or devastate supply chains. However, monitoring temperature throughout a cold chain can help you maintain compliance and mitigate product damage risk. This is why being recognized for our Cold Chain IoT Asset Tracking Solution is such an honor.

Monnit recently won the 2024 Asset Tracking Award from IoT Evolution World, an expert in the high-growth IoT marketplace. The award honors innovation excellence in IoT technologies to automate asset tracking functions to increase efficiencies, reduce theft, or optimize asset utilization.

We support the critical need to track assets and protect cold chain conditions from farm to fork, lab to patient, and nearly everywhere in between to help them maintain product accuracy, quality, and safety.

Learn More About the Award

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Tech Tip

Follow a Guide to Set Up Sensors

Our Knowledgebase is packed with many ALTA Sensor Configuration and Installation Guides that you can use to set up your sensors in minutes. These guides provide you with step-by-step directions, complete with warnings and specific product information, to help you properly configure settings in iMonnit Software and install sensors.

As you’ll see in the guides, we typically include the following sections:

  • Sensor Overview
  • Features
  • Settings to Configure
  • Installation Steps

We want to ensure your experience with Monnit Sensors begins in the right direction. You can access the guides through the Installation Guides’ links on our Documentation page under the main Support menu tab and in the Monnit Knowledgebase. In addition to saving time and avoiding errors, you can benefit from the following guide features:

  • Detailed instructions
  • Relevant visuals
  • Tips and warnings

Although some sensors are more complex than others, we’ve worked to provide simplified instructions so that you can navigate the setup process with any sensor. Even if you’ve already configured and installed your ALTA Sensors, the guides are a sound check-and-balance.

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