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Monnit OEM Sensors Solutions for Environmental Monitoring

OEM Solutions for
Environmental Monitoring

Greenhouses and other agricultural growing areas require the proper environmental conditions for optimal plant growth and health. If the mixture of temperature, humidity, light and CO2 are not correct, crops can be lost.

Monnit's wireless sensors solutions can help you monitor and maintain the proper mix of temperature, humidity and light for your greenhouses and agricultural environments. The sensor network will monitor and track environmental variables providing valuable information that can help you maintain optimal growing conditions, maximizing your crop yields. Monnit's wireless sensors backend monitoring and notification system can be set to let you know immediately when something is not perfect in your greenhouse.


What are Monnit OEM Sensors?

Monnit - OEM Sensor Products Monnit OEM sensors are a complete wireless sensor platform consisting of wireless sensors, gateways and monitoring software that you can manage, brand and own.

Our products offer a complete sensing, data tracking and alerting solution that has been tried and tested in some of the most demanding industries. Our products are offered in an un-branded format for resale and private labeling.

Developing your own solution from the ground up takes time and money! Why not use our ready built, low-cost wireless sensing and alerting solution?

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Why Should You Use Monnit OEM Sensors?

  • Ready Built Solution
    Save time and money with a complete ready built platform. Why build your own system when you can use a complete, low-cost, tried and tested solution from Monnit?
  • Make It Your Own With Private Labeling
    White label sensors, gateways and software with your own private brand.
  • Own The Data
    Generate recurring revenue by providing data collection and monitoring services to your customers.
  • Robust Wireless Products with Exceptional Range
    Monnit sensors are being used by some of the most demanding industries. Our products have a 250' - 300' wireless range which is expandable with a wireless Repeater. *

Industries Using Monnit OEM Sensors

Production and
Space Utilization
and Optimization
Heating and
Air Conditioning