Configuring Multiple Sensors Simultaneously in Classic View

This article will demonstrate how to configure same sensor types with the same settings.

Did you know that you can make setting up your Monnit wireless sensors easier by configuring multiple sensors at the same time? The iMonnit system allows you to configure any sensors of the same type simultaneously. To get started, open your favorite browser and log into your iMonnit account on


  1. First, set one of the sensors up the way you want all of the sensors of the same type. This will be your “model” sensor.
  2. Click “Configure Multiple Sensors” at the bottom of the sensor’s list window.
  3. Next select the type of sensor you want to configure from the tabs across the top of the window panel.
  4. Select the sensor in the dropdown that you want to use as the model sensor for the settings.
  5. Select all the sensors that you want to have identical settings as the model sensor in the dropdown.
  6. Click “Save All” at the bottom of the page.

The sensors will accept the configuration change after their subsequent check in.

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