iMonnit - How to Disable or Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-Factor Authentication is a common security feature which requires two factors in order to gain access to an account. iMonnit Online supports 2FA for Users of the Sensors Portal. However, some Users or organizations prefer disabling this feature for convenience. At the cost of security, this can be done in iMonnit Online by following the steps below. 2FA can also be enabled if was disabled previously with these steps.

  • Log into the iMonnit Online Portal.
  • Select Users in the main navigation menu.
  • Select the User for which you wish to disable 2FA.
  • If not already selected, select the Details tab of that User.
  • Select the appropriate button under the “Two Factor Authentication (2FA):” heading.

Note: If the button says “Disabled”, selecting the button with bypass 2FA, and the text will display “Enabled” with a blue button.

There are two options: “Bypass Next Login:” and “Bypass Indefinitely:”. These will allow you to bypass 2FA only on the next login or to bypass indefinitely (as long as this option is enabled).

iMonnit - Disable 2FA

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