Sensor Heartbeat and Software Heartbeat Mismatch

As part of managing your devices on your iMonnit account, you are able to modify the heartbeat setting of your device. Once this setting is modified, and the device checks in to take the update, the device will then check in on its new heartbeat interval.

Note: A heartbeat in the iMonnit Online Portal refers to the check-in interval of the device. For more details refer to Understanding Sensor Heartbeats, Aware States, Assessments, and Rearm

A problem that can occur in some cases is where a user has set the setting in iMonnit and the sensor has seemingly accepted the changes, but the sensor is still communicating on its previous heartbeat interval. This often occurs after a firmwaer update or moving devices to another network. The iMonnit software will have already set the new heartbeat, but the sensor is operating under its old heartbeat. This creates a mismatch where the software has stored in its database certain information about the sensor, but the sensor itself does not use the same information.

To fix this, the user needs to set the heartbeat on the sensor to something different than the current configurations. Once this setting has been accepted, the user can change the settings again to match the desired heartbeat. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Log into the Portal as a user with adequate permissions.
  • Select Sensors in the left-hand navigation menu and select the relevant sensor.
  • Click the Settings tab at the top of the page. (Gear Icon)
  • Modify the “Heartbeat Interval” to be something different than what it currently is and then click Save.
    • Ex: Change 120 minutes to 120.1 minutes.
    • This will prompt the software to send an update to the sensor.
      iMonnit - Sensor Heartbeat
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  • Once the sensor checks in and takes the update change the heartbeat to the desired configuration and click save.
  • The sensor will take the configuration at its next check in and begin checking in on the desired heartbeat interval.

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