Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions for Commercial Property Management.

Monnit Wireless Sensor Solutions for Commercial Property Management

Managing commercial properties efficiently, yet cost effectively is challenging. In large and small commercial operations there’s plenty to worry about without having to expend precious (and costly) human resource manually monitoring areas in the building that could be monitored by sensors.

Monnit has developed a wireless sensor solution for commercial property management companies to know instantly when a problem starts. For example:

  • Place water sensors in HVAC closets at complexes with more than a ground floor. Know about water heater/boiler leaks before they spread to units below, damaging dry wall, carpets and padding, and reducing short circuit risks.
  • Avoid frozen pipes by using a temperature sensor to notify you before damage occurs – especially in vacant properties.
  • Use local light sensors to monitor light output in parking lots, underground garages, path and walkways, eliminating hazards that can lead to costly litigation.
  • Use motion and open/close sensors to notify of unwanted access to the facility, or specific areas/rooms.
  • Monitor temperature in power transformer rooms. Know if temperatures exceed pre-set levels, saving the transformer before it overheats.

Measureable ROI
As a property manager, knowing instantly if there is a water leak or excessive temperature could mean the difference between a quick fix and clean-up or a costly repair or replacement. Using wireless sensor technology allows you to react immediately to any given situation, whether the leasee is present or not.

Remote Monitoring
Most commercial property management requires a staff of maintenance engineers to drive around, reacting to problems hopefully reported by a leasee, or by visiting a vacant property at “just the right moment” to catch an incident before it becomes a problem.

A more efficient and cost effective way to manage your assets is through remote management with wireless sensors and online service.  Know immediately when something goes wrong with a property across town.

Competitive Advantage
Whether you own your own buildings or manage them for someone else, property management is all about customer service.  Not only do the assets require ongoing attention, but keeping lessees happy is more important.

Nothing frustrates a commercial lessee more than having to continually call a property management company to fix something on the property. Using wireless sensors, you can know most problems as they happen and be proactive with the repairs for lessees.

Easy Installation
Monnit’s wireless sensor kits are ready to go out of the box – anyone can install the sensor network; no technical experience necessary.  Simply pull the sensors out of the box, place in the desired location and turn them on. (Click here for more detail on how the Monnit Wireless Sensor System works.)

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