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Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions for Lodging.

Monnit Wireless Sensor Solutions for Lodging

Monnit has designed a wireless sensor solution that can meet the needs of hotel, motel and hospitality proprietors. Whether you need sensor technology in new construction, or desire to retrofit an older property, Monnit makes it affordable and easy to know what’s going on in your facility at any time.

With Monnit wireless sensors, you can know about issues before they become problems. For example:

  • Placing water sensors near water heaters, boilers, along water mains and other areas where water is not wanted, alerts you before expensive repairs are needed for clean-up and repairs (wood, carpet, and drywall).
  • Use temperature sensors in closets, garages, rooms, kitchens, kitchenettes and other areas where heat or cold are concerns. Set your temperature thresholds and receive notifications before something freezes or overheats.
  • Attaching shake sensors to pumps, HVAC fans/blowers, or other machinery allows you to know if the machine is working within preconfigured parameters or if you need to send maintenance to have a look. Stop the problem before the machine burns up or tears itself apart.
  • Placing a push button sensor under the front desk allows your night clerk to quickly connect with the general and/or asst manager with a simple “push of the button” should they need back-up during the evenings.
  • Alert your night clerk if he’s elsewhere in the building, of the late arrival of a visitor using a simple motion sensor.

Measureable ROI
Technology allows businesses to do more with less – hopefully saving you money in the process. The example below illustrates the cost savings that could be realized by installing wireless sensors to monitor areas that have in the past required manual labor.

Identify Problems Early
Monnit’s wireless sensor technology for hotels and motels provides a number of benefits to hotel owners and operators. With Monnit’s line of wireless sensors, know about problems before, or as they happen rather than waiting for them to be accidentally discovered during site inspections.

Increased Efficiencies
Wireless sensors can help you increase staff efficiencies by eliminating most manual processes of “verify and report.” How much of your staff’s time is wasted walking the property looking for problems? Repurpose the maintenance staff for other items of greater importance and leave the monitoring to Monnit.

Eliminate Human Error
Monnit wireless sensors eliminate human error during inspection and maintenance. You believe the best about your staff, but sometimes they miss things during inspections, and sometimes the inspections aren’t completed for a variety of reasons. Placing a low cost sensor in areas normally inspected by a human eliminates errors and provides you with greater insight into what is happening on your property.

Low Cost & Simple Installation
Wireless sensor technology has come a long way in the last ten years. What used to cost fifty, even a hundred dollars per sensor to achieve can be done at a fraction of the cost. Monnit’s wireless sensor technology starts at $49/sensor and includes FREE basic iMonnit online sensor monitoring. iMonnit Premiere advanced online monitoring, Monnit Express PC software and Monnit Enterprise server solutions are available for an additional cost.

The best part of Monnit’s sensor technology is its durability and portability. Each sensor comes with a variety of mounting options and can easily be moved from place to place, depending on your needs. (Click here for more detail on how the Monnit Wireless Sensor System works.)

Upon purchasing a Lodging Starter Kit you’ll have the necessary base components to expand your network. As your sensor needs increase, simply contact your Monnit sales rep and order more sensors. Each sensor, when placed in the desired location initializes and configures itself to your Monnit network and then communicates with the Monnit servers. You have nothing left to do except secure it with the included mounting hardware (screws and double sided tape) and walk away. Simple enough?

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