K9 Unit Temperature Monitoring
We are sad to hear the news that a beloved K-9 who served with an Illinois sheriff’s office died Sunday due to heat exhaustion. While the officer was away, the car had been left running, and the air conditioner had been left on, per standard procedure. The SUV that the K-9 was left in also had a heat alarm system that was programmed to roll down the windows and send an alarm if the temperature inside got above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It appeared the vehicle air conditioning malfunctioned, and the temperature safety system failed as well, allowing the temperatures inside the vehicle to quickly reach upwards of 126 degrees.

The Illinois Sheriff’s Department K-9 vehicles, along with many others units across the nation, are equipped with these safety systems to prevent the dogs from experiencing heat exhaustion in the case that the vehicles AC fails while the officer is away. It is great that many police units have an active safety system in place, but even these systems can fail, which is why it’s recommended to have an additional safety system in place.

You always need to be prepared for the likelihood that things may not go according to plan. That’s why Monnit provides a low-cost reliable and affordable remote monitoring solution, which makes it easy to monitor the vehicle temperature from anywhere, at anytime, and receive alerts via text, email or voice call to multiple phones or devices. Monnit’s Wireless Sensors are easy to install and setup, and there’s no monthly fee required.

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