Back to School

It is back to school time around the nation this week, is your campus prepared for the influx of students? Schools are essential to providing both education as well as a safe and comfortable place for students to spend their day. So much of this relies on a precise schedule, properly maintained environment, and healthy cafeteria lunches. Monnit is here to help keep everything running smoothly in your school.

Does your cafeteria staff know when there is an issue with a walk-in cooler or freezer and food is about to go bad? Use a Monnit wireless temperature sensor in your walk-in refrigerator to avoid potential food spoilage due to malfunctioning equipment. Should a walk-in refrigerator or freezer break, staff members will be alerted via text message, email, or voice call the temperature has risen above safe levels. This allows maintenance crews to quickly respond to any issues, solving problems before they turn into major disasters. Lunch-time is a very important part of the day, you can easily reduce or eliminate any potential incidents by implementing a Monnit remote monitoring solution.

Ever had a day in school where the A/C or heat was cranked up too high or too low? I remember wearing shorts during the wintertime at my high school because the heater was always blasting. Now most of that was my hip fashion sense back in the day, but defiantly a small reason to wear those wardrobe choices was the average temperature inside. Monnit provides all kinds of sensors to help track temperatures around your school as well as A/C and boiler units. Some of the most popular kits on our website are specifically designed for these equipment systems. A simple set up would include: 1 Wireless Quad Temperature Sensor, 1 Wireless AC Current Meter, and 1 Wireless Duct Temperature Sensor. All of these sensors will communicate with an Ethernet or cellular gateway to send data to iMonnit online monitoring software. These solutions are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased for well under $1,000.

Monnit currently has over 50 wireless sensors available with new sensors being developed all the time. Maybe your school would like a humidity sensor for the greenhouse or an open/closed door sensor for monitoring more secure access points. Scared of potential water damage in the basement or simply want to count the number of students on campus for that day? Monnit offers water detection and infrared motion sensors for those applications as well. Up to 100 wireless sensors can communicate through 1 wireless gateway, so expanding your schools wireless network is as easy as ordering another sensor. Check out our website at: