Laboratory Monitoring

In every pharmacy or laboratory, strict standards exist when it comes to controlling the environment. There is special equipment to regulate, temperatures in refrigerators/freezers to monitor, personnel to track, and samples or medicine which needs to be cared for. Monnit wireless sensors can significantly help with supervising all of these in-depth processes. Mix and match sensors to create a custom solution for your needs and receive alerts to any internet-enabled device should conditions fall outside of safe levels.

It is no surprise that exposing vaccines or other medicine to high or low temperatures can reduce their potency and effectiveness, increasing overall risk. Fortunately, Monnit has a solution to the varying temperature fluctuations that can occur in pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers. While our technology does not address the defects of faulty equipment, it does allow users to receive real-time updates on the status of freezers and refrigerators. Monnit wireless temperature sensors can be placed anywhere and are very customizable depending on your needs. For example, users can set custom temperature thresholds (like above 46°F or below 35°F) and receive alerts to any internet-enabled device should conditions go outside safe levels. Monnit sensors are able to record temperatures every 10 minutes and can check threshold levels up to 250 times between recordings. This is a lot more data being generated than the standard mandate of recording 2 temperature readings a day for vaccines and other medicine. All Monnit products are CFR 21 part 11 compliant, our sensors and software can completely replace the old-school method of manual tracking temperatures.

In addition to tracking refrigerators and freezers where samples are stored, Monnit creates wireless sensors to help with other areas of a laboratory. Special equipment such as centrifuges can be tracked using a vibration meter (accelerometer) to detect defaults in mechanical movement. You can also attach an A/C current meter to monitor power consumption and ensure equipment remains functioning even when personnel are not present. Motion sensors are perfect for hallways or at access points to restricted areas. Open/Closed sensors can be used to track access to certain rooms, cupboards or storage areas. Humidity, temperature, water detection, CO, and other sensors can help monitor a laboratory’s environment, protecting both equipment and workers. There are plenty of options to choose from whatever your company’s needs may be.

One of the easiest ways to implement additional safety into any laboratory or pharmacy is to adopt a wireless remote monitoring system. All of Monnit’s sensors and gateways can be implemented in existing infrastructure. There is no complicated installation required, most networks can be set up and start recording data in less than 10-15 minutes. This is really a simple solution which can save companies tens of thousands of dollars in spoiled inventory or lost equipment while providing the public with maximum peace of mind knowing medicine they receive is of the highest quality. Ensure your business remains profitable and operational by using a Monnit remote monitoring solution.