A New World of Food Temperature Sensors is Here

ALTA wireless food probe

The latest innovation is taking the food service industry to the next level with Monnit Corporation’s ALTA® Wireless Food Probe.

A streamlined sensor that will become the trusted link within the chain of custody, as ingredients become products that move from plants and distribution hubs to neighborhood quick-serve or grocery stores.

This new turnkey sensor doesn’t just read temperature, as many of its similar counterparts do, it provides temperature logging with bank-grade security, keeping proprietary information secure.

Say Goodbye to the Clipboard – For Good
In today’s tech-savvy world, where one can control the temperature of their house from the convenience of their phone, it only makes sense that food monitoring moved to a wireless solution. In fact, automated data capturing is no longer a trend, it has become an expectation to enhance quality and safety from farm to fork.

“The piece that’s been missing from this process is a wireless way to capture and aggregate that information and then send it to a secure digital location,” states Monnit’s CEO, Brad Walters. “We recognized the need for a portable remote temperature monitoring solution to increase productivity and cut down on human error. It’s finally time to toss that clipboard into the trash.”

The New Frontier
Monnit partnered with a large-scale pizza chain to address the need to cut down on human error and increase consistency. This company was looking for reliability and repeatability across all franchises and redundancy for all proprietary information. The end goal being protection for their operation and the end-customer.

As Monnit began development on the ALTA Wireless Food Probe, it became clear that the security of information and the adherence to CFR21 part 11 and the FDA Food Modernization were compulsory. It was also imperative that information was delivered securely. Right now, millions of devices are capturing process data within food manufacturing and simply relaying it to a manufacturing enterprise or SCADA system. The problem being that if the “Internet of Things” devices are vulnerable it can be intercepted by hackers or malicious actors that can disrupt production or communications can be intercepted, leaving sensitive information exposed.

“What we have developed is revolutionary in this industry,” continues Walters. “Imagine the amount of time and money this saves; cutting down on human error and increasing fully transparent, remote awareness of the most sensitive and important part of your food service business. To get the same consistency in reporting, from manufacturing to shipping, all the way to right before it becomes available for consumer. A business can see efficiencies increase almost immediately.”

Get Started Today
With all the chaos in the world today, it only makes sense that those in the food service industry look for ways to increase visibility into the safety and efficiency of their production and process.

Monnit’s Food Service sensors are designed for 100% accuracy and security. It will retain data in the event that Internet connectivity is lost. It also has the capability of sustaining calibration, cutting down on the need to recalibrate with each new test. And with the sensor living on the life of 2 AA batteries for up to 12 years, it makes the Monnit system easy to employ and benefit straight from the box.

For more information about the ALTA Wireless Food Probe or other Monnit sensor capabilities for your business, call 801-561-5555 or visit us online at www.monnit.com

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