July 2020 Newsletter

Monnit July 2020 Newsletter


PoE + IoT: All-new Monnit PoE•X Sensors

PoE Sensors

Launching in 2010, Monnit quickly became the global leader in wireless sensors for the Internet of Things. We did it by pushing boundaries.

“It’s not possible to make IoT sensors low cost.”
• Our first generation of sensors launched at $39.

“Sensors rely on IT professionals for networking.”
• Our turnkey sensors can be up and running in 15 minutes—no programming needed.

Now, we’re pushing boundaries again by debuting our newest boundary-breaking sensor: PoE•X.

Launching with 12 of Monnit’s most popular sensors for remotely monitoring critical building systems and infrastructure, the PoE•X sensors allow users to incorporate remote monitoring into their building’s Power over Ethernet (PoE) infrastructure. PoE•X leverages existing state-of-the-art technologies within “smart” buildings, allowing users—particularly those maintaining mission-critical facilities— to take advantage of tremendous financial and practical benefits.

“The development of our PoE•X line allows for a plug-and-play placement of Monnit sensors into a building’s LAN network,” says Monnit CEO, Brad Walters. “Moreover, it heralds the migration of Monnit’s platform to horizons beyond wireless and on to other static ‘things’ that may leverage the ubiquitous, instantaneous, and powerful nature of an Ethernet-enabled building.”

PoE•X sensors can be powered via a building’s PoE infrastructure; however, users have the additional flexibility of plugging the sensors into both line power and a standard Ethernet network.

Monnit’s PoE•X line will initially consist of: temperature, humidity, dry contact, water detect plus, open/close, water rope, high temperature, low temperature, duct temperature, motion detection, air quality PM 2.5 meter, and thermocouple sensor types.

To learn more about harnessing your building’s Power over Ethernet network for remote monitoring, call 801-561-5555 or email info@monnit.com.

Seasonal Monitoring Needs

wireless sensor applications

vehicle detect sensor

Wireless Vehicle Detect
Placed in bays, sensor reports on service duration. Alerts expedite service & boost satisfaction.

wireless CO2 sensor

Wireless CO2 Sensors
Detect unhealthy CO2 levels caused by idling cars. Protect the health of all on-site.

advanced vibration meter

ALTA Wireless Accelerometers
Retrofit lifts & high-RPM equipment with sensors to detect vibration, tilt & more. Ensure safety.

What's New

All-new CFR21 Part 11 Reports

CFR21 Part 11

Monnit has developed two new beta reports to support customers in the pharmaceutical, food safety, and healthcare sectors. Each report is aimed at documenting variances in data logs that may arise from a sensor being shut off for cleaning, defrosting, or other maintenance-related issue.

Best of all: Monnit would like to make these reports available for use and feedback. Implement these reports, and then let us know how they helped and what improvements would help operations such as yours.

New reports available:

  • CFR21: Sensor Settings Export (Beta)—returns “Sensor Setting” changes by date range.
  • CFR21: Notification Settings Export (Beta)—returns “Notification Setting” changes within a date range. The report includes when a sensor was attached or removed from that Notification.

Need to amplify your CFR21 Part 11 compliance initiatives? Call 801-561-5555 or email info@monnit.com.

July Web Special

July 2020 web special

What People Are Saying

what people are saying

It’s incredibly gratifying to be a part of a growing company that’s supporting front-line workers in hospitals, labs, and other crucial businesses during the pandemic. I’m proud that our team has rallied, coming in every day and working tirelessly to ensure our customers have the sensors and software needed to support essential services.

Matt Montoya
Monnit Technical Support

Looking to the Future

On the horizon: ELTE Gateway

ELTE IoT gateway

Monnit’s upcoming ELTE Gateway merges Ethernet and LTE network connectivity, providing redundant connectivity—and peace of mind.

Addressing customers’ requests for an all-in-one IoT device, the ELTE Gateway will automatically failover, using its LTE network connectivity to continue delivering critical sensor data if Ethernet connectivity is lost, or vise versa The gateway also addresses the needs of customers managing more than one facility or location with different infrastructures. Monnit’s combination LTE/Ethernet gateway allows these customers to simplify purchasing and streamline inventory.

The gateway will provide users with configuration options of Ethernet primary/LTE backup or LTE primary/Ethernet backup. Users will also have enhanced configurations for specialized LTE SIM cards, allowing them to customize settings for their preferred carrier.

ELTE Benefits

  • Supports up to 100 sensors
  • One gateway that can support any location
  • Multiple connectivity paths for peace of mind
  • Battery backup for redundancy against power failures
  • Bank-grade security via the exclusive Encrypt-RF® Security Suite
  • Enhanced LTE configurations available for specialized SIM card providers
  • Store 26,000–56,000 data messages (based on sensor type) between communication cycles
  • Supports Modbus TCP and SNTP interfaces

Don’t want to miss a thing? Call 801-561-5555 or email info@monnit.com to learn about integrating redundant connectivity with Monnit’s upcoming ELTE Gateway.


Sensors & Scoops: Protecting Ice Cream with Monnit Wireless Sensors

wireless sensor applications

They say to never “cry over spilt milk,” but what about melted ice cream? For those in the business of providing the world with happiness, one scoop at a time, remote monitoring has played a key role in temperature management. For years, Monnit has been central to making sure every delicious flavor makes it onto your cone safely and in excellent condition.

In 2017, about 1.4 billion gallons of ice cream and frozen desserts were produced in the United States – that’s a lot of ice cream to manage. From creamery to cone, the Internet of Things has been allowing processing plants and scoop shops alike to manage the luscious frozen goodness wirelessly and in real-time.

Industrial Ultrasonic Sensors
This sensor can measure liquid levels, alerting production when ingredients are low or if the product has not been measured correctly.

Wireless Temperature Sensor
Whether it’s in the plant, in transit, or at the parlor, maintaining the correct temperature is the difference between quality ice cream and a disaster. The temperature sensor allows you to stay aware of your product from a bird’s eye view and make proactive decisions to save your product.

Open-Closed Sensor
Especially in the store-front, product excellence can literally be maintained with the simple act of closing the door to the display cabinet. Installing a sensor that will alert staff to a door accidentally being left open can mean your product stays exceptional, as does your reputation.

Vibration Meter
Vibration analysis is at the heart of a dairy processing plant. Staying on top of pumps, gearboxes, compressors, and other necessary equipment can save critical hours of downtime and possibly thousands of dollars in waste.

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