November 2020 Newsletter

Monnit November 2020 newsletter


The Sun Sets on the 2G Gateway & Rises on the Advanced Edge Gateway

Veteran Gateway Hands Reins Over to Most-awarded Device Ever

Monnit is sunsetting our 2G Gateway because Verizon will terminate support for devices on the CDMA (2G) network starting January 1st, 2021. Monnit users must replace their 2G Gateways before January 1st.

“Our venerable 2G Gateway introduced thousands of businesses to remote monitoring and cemented Monnit as a remote monitoring leader,” says Brad Walters, Monnit CEO. “The 2G Gateway also blazed a trail for innovations such as the industry-lauded ALTA® Advanced Edge Gateway.”

Monnit’s 2G users now have five gateway models to migrate to, including the Advanced Edge Gateway, which is our most-awarded innovation ever. The Edge Gateway won a “gold” LEAP Award from Design World magazine this fall for “switches and sensors.” The LEAP Award follows a prestigious IoT Innovations Award this gateway won from Connected World magazine in June.

Edge Gateway: LEAPing to the Front of the Pack
The Leadership in Engineering Program (LEAP) Awards is hosted by Willing to Work Harder Media, a prominent publisher of industrial magazines such as Design World. In its second year, the awards program recognizes leading products and components across the engineering spectrum.

If you’re currently using a 2G Gateway, today’s the day to contact Monnit and make your 2G migration plan: or 801.561.5555. Our remote monitoring experts are also ready to answer any questions you have about the Advanced Edge Gateway or our other award-winning devices.

Monnit's most awarded device

Seasonal Monitoring Needs

wireless store monitoring

vehicle detect/counter sensor

Vehicle Detect-Counter Sensor
Know instantly when a vehicle enters/exits a curbside spot. Track wait times.

food probe sensor

Food Probe Sensor
Trace food temps from cooler to cook’s station to clamshell container. Food safety drives return business.

wireless temperature sensor with lead

Leaded Temperature Sensor
Know food is being properly held. Benefit from automated data collection & optional NIST Certification.


November 2020 events

Trade Show Update

Some 1,546 commercial real estate professionals met both virtually and in-person for Realcomm | IBcon 2020—the industry’s first hybrid real estate (RE) tech event. Monnit was an event sponsor, helping Realcomm host 227 speakers and educators virtually and live in Aurora, Colorado.

“As an RE tech leader, we were compelled to support Realcomm,” says Nick Mecham, Monnit VP of business development. “This event guided the facility managers and building operators who are keeping essential workers, tenants, and shoppers secure in the face of COVID-19.”

Look for Monnit to support innovative virtual and hybrid events in 2021.

What's New

20 Amp three-phase current meter

New 20 Amp 3-Phase Current Meter:

If you’re not measuring, you’re not saving

A new 20 Amp model joins Monnit’s family of Wireless Three-phase Current Meters. An expert in savings, this industrial-grade current meter installs within 15 minutes to monitor a facility’s three-phase power system or a machine’s power draw and collect usage stats.

“Expanding our popular three-phase current meter line gives customers additional operational insight that prevents failure, economizes operation, extends equipment life, and lowers overhead,” says Brad Walters, Monnit CEO. “When several pieces of lower-powered equipment are optimized, it can yield tremendous savings.”

Mount & Monitor:
The new current meter utilizes three 0–20 Amp current transducers that wrap around the wires of a three-phase system to monitor:

  • RMS current (min, max, and avg)
  • Duty cycle of each phase
  • Combined amp hours (all phases)

The 20 Amp Wireless Current Meter issues an alert (via email, text, or call) if current usage deviates from user-set thresholds. Deviations could indicate ailing machinery or external supply issues that could impact business. Data is collected and transmitted to iMonnit software for analysis and sharing—ideal for multi-machine facilities or firms with decentralized operations.

The 20A model joins its 150 Amp and 500 Amp siblings to provide an exceptionally broad current measurement range for machine operators and building managers.

Contact Monnit to discuss saving with its news current meter: 801.561.5555 or

November Web Special

November 2020 web special

What People Are Saying

what people are saying

"I am impressed with these wireless sensors! They do exactly what we need them to, and have already saved us from a few issues with our walk-in coolers and freezers."

Lajuana W., Director of School Nutrition

Looking to the Future

wide angle motion sensor

ALTA Wide Angle Motion Sensor

Motion, much like power, can’t be optimized if it isn’t measured.

The need:
A global enterprise requested a sensor for monitoring the occupancy of desks, cubicles, and conference tables to help shore-up safety and wellness initiatives. Department heads will know when desks are occupied, when meeting spaces are clear (for sanitation), and understand general employee movement (helping encourage healthful habits).

The solution:
The upcoming ALTA® Wide Angle Motion Sensor.

This sensor has a 120-degree viewing angle (vs. 60 degrees for Monnit’s standard motion sensor), enabling the close detection functionality needed for under-desk or narrow hallway monitoring. The wider angle provides greater awareness of heat signatures to improve reading accuracy and data reliability. The sensor only records heat—there is no camera.

Be the first to know about the Wide Angle Motion Sensor’s launch, contact

Application of the Month

Click it & Ship it: Sensors to Support Cyber Monday Sales

This Cyber Monday, millions will click. It’ll then be up to retailers to ship.

Both established fulfillment centers and temporary logistics hubs will ramp up quickly and run at redline to help millions make memories with fanciful and thoughtful holiday gifts. Retailers and logistics firms alike will turn to remote monitoring solutions to oversee legacy machinery and help pop-up shipping and fulfillment centers keep their promises.

The ongoing pandemic and a shorter holiday shopping season have lead retail analysts to project $10 billion in sales on Monday, Nov. 30th alone, making the wireless sensors below an even more worthwhile investment.

wireless sensor applications

Leaded Vibration Meter
A 10’ lead can run along conveyor lines to remotely monitor machine health. Get an alert of excessive vibrations to schedule maintenance, prevent excessive downtimes, and make shipment times.

Tilt Detection Sensor
Ensure older check weighers, accumulators, robotic arms, and other vital machinery are functioning as needed to move products “out the door.”

Pulse Counter (Single Input)
Have key personnel alerted instantly if the movement of palletizers, sorters, and other pieces of logistics equipment deviate from acceptable norms.

Voltage Detection (200 VDC)
Monitor machinery line power, know the second power changes, and divert parcels as needed. Don’t be sidelined by unexpected supply issues.

Tech Tip

sensor not connecting to gateway

Monnit’s Technical Support department has compiled a list of the most common issues that prevent a sensor from pairing to a gateway. Our experts also have helpful tips to help users overcome these connection problems. Click here to read more.

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