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Ethernet Gateways

Simplicity + Security

The ALTA® Ethernet Gateway securely passes data from your Monnit Wireless Sensors to the iMonnit Sensor Configuration and Management Software.

This gateway provides an industry-leading wireless data transmission range of 1,200+ feet through up to 12+ walls (non-line of site, based on area). The device utilizes the Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) method and exclusive Encrypt-RF® Security to provide bank-grade security.

User-friendly Features

The gateway requires the Internet or a PC with iMonnit Express for operation. An optional unlock code allows common protocols (e.g., Modbus TCP or SNMP) to push sensor data to a third-party server.

Additional features:

  • On-unit LEDs—on-site operators can confirm data transmission and iMonnit system response.
  • Optional PoE injector— a Power over Ethernet injector powers the gateway via Ethernet Port.

Which Gateway is Right For Me?

  • Ethernet: Allows you to add remote monitoring capabilities using your existing IT infrastructure and ISP.
  • Cellular: Multiple cellular options to enable monitoring what’s important anywhere. Ideal for remote locations and areas with challenging IT environments.
  • Advanced EDGE: This award-winning gateway aggregates data from feature-rich Monnit Wireless Sensors to any cloud provider. Integrated macros enable data configuration in virtually any format, such as JSON or XML
To view additional connectivity options, and feature comparisons visit our Gateway Comparison page.

How Monnit Sensors Work

How Monnit Sensors Work


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